What do you SUCK AT... Back in school

for me it was basketball, triping and grabing. hell even a game of horse wasn’t my cup of tea.

Art - specifically drawing and painting. I was good at music and stuff but my art teacher hated me.

I was terrible at math

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I sucked at doing homework but the highschool i went to in germany on the aiforce base if you got a’s on your tests and the finals you could get C’s even if you got zeros on all of the homework…so i was a solid C student and had lots of time to do anything else…i wasnt great at american history though, memorizing dates does not prove you understand historic events or their consequences…

Anything physical, I sucked at.

Trigonometry. Ugh. Still don’t know how I passed.

Math and english.
My Math teacher was the football coach,
my English teacher was the chorus instructor.

Plus, there were at least 35 kids in each class, and no one cared to learn…sigh.

I’ve always been embarrassingly uncoordinated, so I’m not good at any sport. Especially team sports because “team-mates” create such pressure! :blush: Also, math.

Sports, art, and history. My best subject was math.

Art,gymnastics/other sports, geometry,biology,chemistry and physics.

Oh yeah, I sucked at geometry too.

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I remember school soccer I was invariably picked last for a team and shoved in goal.Then when I let in lots of goals I had the other boys on my back. Given that many of us seem to suck at sports I wonder how many are dyspraxic to some degree.

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Math and P.E. :expressionless:

All sports. Fitting in. Being in a crowded classroom.


I sucked at history and pre calculus. And baseball i will always suck at baseball. And i was terrible at keeping my mouth shut when i should have

I sucked at P.E.

If you looked at my grades, I sucked at everything. However, when I got out of school for a few years I went to take the placement test to get into the community college and I got the highest tier score for English. I could have done well at Math too if didn’t get sick and became good at the illicit drug business. You learn by doing. And that’s how I did so well in English, because I spend a lot of time writing on the internet.

There seem to be a lot of us that sucked at PE/sports. I wonder if this is true in general of people who later experience psychosis ie happens more than average.

I am not bad at academics, but the one thing I cannot do is run. However, I get a pass for that, because I have some ligament deformities and wore two leg braces like Forest Gump (no joke) before my surgeries.

I love math. I just understand it. I’ve taken beyond calculus but there is one math. One horrid math I despise with a passion. Geometry. What is your deal geometry? Why do I have to WRITE a proof for this. Who the hell cares if these angles are equal.