What do you spend your money on?

Warhammer. Magic the gathering cards and manga mostly.

hey whats up @Fanny_Longbottom i bought a warhammer book about 3 weeks ago off amazon and didnt know that the book was coming from the UK so its going to take a month to get here. its a eldar book the path of the seer which i think is the 2nd one in the series after the path of the warrior. but i have a friend who has read like 50 books of the warhammer universe that i started asking him about recently because i wanted to get into something like that. the only exposure of learning i have had so far is reading the lexicon website

The lion’s share goes to a debt consolidation loan I took out in 2017. I’ve since run my credit cards up again and am just making minimum payments.

I also spend money on my animals

Utilities, car, gas, prescriptions, dr. appointments…
Don’t have much left over for anything else…

haircuts and food.

Most of my extra money goes for books and magazines. The printed kind.

cigarettes and take out. Starting to cut out the take out though.

also subbed to some stuff like netflix and audible

Take out…

Food. 151515151

Warhammer is a great hobby. You can build them, paint them and play with them…plus it has all the lore behind it so you can read about it too…

Games workshop (if there is one close to you) do days where you can drop by and learn to play. Also if you want to learn there is the core book which comes with all the rules and a little lore.

It can be costly but there is so much fun to have with it and it’s time consuming which is great if you have a lot of time on your hands.

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Mainly food. And rent. And face and body products. Not planning on any holidays any time soon.

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Books, coffee, cat/dog toys, food, clothes, and blankets.

Mostly on grocery shopping, and then on coffee and teas.

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