Where do you spend your money on?

Where do you spend your money on?Whenever you get them either from work or support disability

I spent a lot of money on psychiatric services,and I spend some money on gaming…

Most of my money has been going towards fixing up my house lately. I got new floors, a fence, and soon I will have a doggie door!

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its a good way to spend them,rather then getting drug or weed…whatsoever

Lately, all law books. I’m sitting next to The Politics of State Courts, Understanding Supreme Court Opinions, The Supreme Court and the Attitudinal Model, The Supreme Court in the American Legal System, Judicial Process in America, The Brethren, and a couple of books just called The Supreme Court. In Our Defense should arrive tomorrow.


are you a lawyer by any means,or do you just like reading about law?:slight_smile:

I’m not a lawyer yet. I’m in school.

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Most of my money is spent on housing; mortgage and hoa.

mostly bills and food/drink, i like spending money at a charity cafe its basically not for profit so the prices are low, the menu is limited but i know most people there and they are all friendly, i get a bowl of soup and a roll then maybe a cup of tea or i share a pot with someone and a piece of cake or fruit loaf.


Whatever I need. I’m saving for a new phone, because my Blackberry is outdated. Otherwise I either buy books or clothing - usually at the flea market or secondhand shop.

Make up as you would suppose. Nail art. Hygiene products. Underwear. Toys. Toys.
I mean, kid’s toys. :slight_smile:

I spend my income on whatever I need.
But I have bought lots of music gear and softwares, last thing I bought was a new microwave and an electric kettle.
Also few sets of new duvets.

I don’t spend too much on myself. Some of the people where I live want to have possessions of their own, but I don’t really need that. I donate money to a couple of my favorite charities - Doctors without Borders and Amnesty International. I’m going to make sure I have all my expenses accounted for before I donate again.

Most of my money is reserved for my psychiatrist and my medication. Other things I spend money on are groceries, clothes, public transport etc.

I spend my money on a mocha frappe the morning

And clothes because I love fashion, also food sometimes.

Most of my money I spend on cigs, booze and gambling… I waste the rest.