What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Niiice :heart_eyes:
I have one such example here. I call him my gorilla lol.
those measures matters…because you can lift a girl… :smile:

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I haven’t answered this yet.
I see the shadow of the man I could be. (fighting for hope still)


I see a tired unhealthy looking man

I don’t think it’s a mirror you’re looking at, I think you’re looking at one of the posters of Bruce Willis you’ve got plastered all over the walls of your bedroom! Just joking around with you.


master of the universe(s) :imp:
take care :alien:


You lookin’ in the right mirror? (Likes beefcake, evidently.)

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Stunned on occasion that there’s actually a person looking back, after all the hell diving. Moreover, amazed to see that it must have done me some good. (All my school chums look ready for the casket.)

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A Pekeinese with a bad haircut.

Bon appétit then

You will do it man,just make sure that you position yourself for success.

Theres only one way to change that man.

Im in the same boat,I gotta get fit and so will you as soon as you focus.

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Humble, contended, filled with love for all, sacrificing, ever learning, thankful person

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I see a tired head case with racoon eyes. Please god let me sleep tonight, in heavenly peace :sunny:

Look what I’ve become. How sad

I only look if I have to and I avoid looking into my own eyes. Creeps me the hell out.

A worthless piece of crap that everyone else see’s in my household.

angry marsh-mellow man from Ghost-busters…


I see a problematic dude.

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We are all problematic,that’s just part of our nature,but if you aren’t out there contributing to the degeneration of our species with hate,lust,and just plain stupidity then you are doing a lot better than BILLIONS.

If you don’t believe me turn on the news and you will see the evil that we are capable of.

In my opinion if you aren’t like some of those people then you are doing GREAT!.

Just have patience and you will be justly compensated for your efforts.

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Petester says it excellently. I’ve said the same thing many times. If you aren’t out causing trouble or doing drugs or hurting someone else than you are doing better than most people.