Does your faces' 'look' change often


I’ll take self-shots of myself occasionally and save them and will look back and see that I change dramatically every day even. Is this because of SZ or what


I don’t look at myself.


Why not? You’re cute! Lol.


I see horrible things in the mirror. My self image is so distorted that I yelled in a boys face for referring to me as attractive.


That’s unfortunate. The other day my sisters friend said I was handsome I can’t get enough of comments like that.


You may have body dysmorphication (sp) like I feel I do. Which causes me to look in the mirror a lot. Maybe it’s different for me than you. I think you’re very attractive. Yell in my face all you want it won’t change my opinion. lol


What is that? What occurs? I have struggled with anorexia.


thinking you’re unattractive when you’re not! they have diagnosis’s for everything didn’t you know!


I am terrified of mirrors. Highly uncomfortable and refuse to walk into a room that consists of one.


yeah im terrified of mirrors unless its at the right angle. im on the shorter side so I hate those full body mirrors especially, but if its at face level its all good sometimes, depends on the mood im feeling lol

sometimes I use mirrors as re-assurance

im done posting for the night though, ive done enough


Well, I think my problem is that my sister is gorgeous. Everyone told us growing up that she was the pretty one and I was the smart one.


Beauty fades. It’s good to be intelligent.


I realize that. My sister has the opposite complex because of those comments.


I look in the mirror and see others who I have known- usually my parents. I often feel like others are in my head.


I see this too but not of my parents. I copy people, steal their traits at my liking. Kind of a sick.


I won’t watch myself in video. Only actor and actress do. :blush:


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Yeah I can relate to your post. Not the murderer part but the “trying to re-connect myself”. I thought that was because of Body Morphic Disorder, but I don’t understand myself so I constantly look at myself. Or I’m insecure. Maybe insecurity is the root of me trying to re-connect myself. I have “identity problems” so I look at myself a lot to re-assure. And days pass and I see a new person in myself. I’m straight but sometimes I see females in myself as well as males.


Yes, my facial expressions change from ■■■■■■ up to pissed off to clear and bright. I color code them. I just woke up so I look ■■■■■■ up right now.


Drink coffee. Always does the trick for me. 1 cup in the morning, and maybe 1 cup in the afternoon. Anymore I get too anxious and paranoid.