What do you meditate on?

If you meditate, what do you meditate on? I have been meditating on my breath for the last six months, but I am now meditating on my 3rd eye.

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I try to blank my mind. Feel all my impulses and concerns and either process them logically or wait for them to pass depending on what type they are.

Like nicotine cravings or similar things I wait to pass.

Even concerns with the illness or specific people. I do what I have to in order to alleviate the concern.

Then I blank state for a bit and either fall asleep or remember something I need to do… and then I get to it.


I meditate on my struggles and negative energies and channel them into positive breakthroughs.


I meditate on the toilet.


I use this once a day for 15 minutes.

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That looks pretty interesting. How well does it work?

It really makes a difference for me anyway.

There’s lots of different ‘sessions’ on it, and I just use ‘session 6’. You close your eyes, put on the flashing glasses and headphones and let it work. It’s expensive though, but I bought it years ago when I was desperate.

It calms my thoughts and I kind of feel 'refreshed ’ after the 15 minutes session.


I did transcendental meditation for a couple of years a long time ago. I was also sober in AA, and I was getting about the right amount of exercise. I also had cut down a lot on my caffeine habit. It was an okay time, but I wasn’t all that serene. I still struggled to make it through the day. My grades at school were good - above a 3.5. Then I started drinking again, quit meditating, and quit exercising. My grades plummeted. Transcendental Meditation doesn’t live up to the extravagant claims its promoters make, but it is pretty effective relaxation therapy.

I focus on my breathing and count backwards from ten. My psychiatrist came up with a new sequence of counting for me because I was skipping six, I didn’t like that number. So now it goes 1-5, 5-1, 1-10, 10-1.

I can stop and focus on the numbers and breathing anywhere, I’m meant to do it when I have hallucinations and paranoia. It is good when I think people are stealing my thoughts because how boring it would be for someone to just steal numbers.

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I also like to load up music from the Aztecs in Mexico on YouTube. Using the hypnotics, I switch to the positive thoughts when a drum or beat hits and use that to put me in a positive frame of mind for the rest of the song.

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I meditate on breathing and meditating or focusing on the five senses, one at a time, helps with anxiety and the detached from reality symptom.

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I work on calming the mind… no racing thoughts… letting the stress drain out and leave me


I concentrate on what I can feel with my toes, each one in turn. Then the soles of my feet. Bit by bit I work my way up my body until I get to my lungs and heart. Then I imagine I’m in my bloodstream, visiting each part of my body in turn. If there’s any part of me hurting, I imagine the blood washing it away, bit by bit.

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Same! (JK)

In all seriousness, I have found mindfulness meditation (e.g., watching the breath, body scan) to be very helpful for my anxiety and panic attacks. Also, meditation helps me with my back pain issues.

I do body check meditation. I go from the bottoms of my feet up and check each muscles and the skin and whether it hurts or not. I mentally flex the muscles in question. I also do a type of meditation not sure of the proper name , but its when you do an exercise until your mind goes blank. for me its practicing with a wooden broad sword I bought.