Mind Meditation

Any one here try meditation?i do it every day and it helps me a lot.i think they should put it in the pcy hospital for many people on here I think it could help if they got into it…I think but not sure that meditations is in china pcy hospitals as well as using medications.dont know if admin has any studies on this?


I try to meditate every day. I practice Buddhism as much as I can and mediatation is a big part of it. Not only meditataion helps but mindfullness helps as well.


I also meditate and try and to let the stress decompress…

Letting the mind be still… getting the stress out of my head… it helps a lot…

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I did transcendental meditation for a couple of years when I was at college. I was also on the wagon and going to AA. I started drinking again, though. I quit meditating and my grades plummeted. The promoters of transcendental meditation make some extravagant claims that this practice doesn’t live up to, but it is pretty effective relaxation therapy. I’ve thought about getting off the caffeine and meditating again. I don’t know how that would affect me.

I do not meditate daily but I do at least once a week if not twice. It is very beneficial to me.

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hi Tirisilex im a buddist to.practise a lot of qigong including meditation.were you from if you don’t mind me asking?im from the UK.

Hi crimby,itd great you do transcendtal mum practises it!!she often falls asleep during the meditation as she is very relaxed.

im glad that other people do meditations on this site too…don’t feel so alone.

I meditate every morning and attend a Buddhist Sangha three times a week. I think it’s going to help me focus my attention.

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Yes, i do meditation every day and its helps me in physical, mental, and emotional level.

  • Boosts your immune system by slowing the production of the stress
    hormone cortisol. (Physical)
  • Reduces anxiety and depression by enabling your body to balance its own neurochemical system. (Mental & Emotional)
  • Allows you to make better decisions and improve critical thinking. (Mental & Emotional)


Don’t work for me! My mind is the problem of being too active…periods of quite just aren’t on the agenda…still…

I’m medicated and sleep 10 hours a day but most times I’m keeping busy…computer games are good if they are allright…waste some time there…tv less so unless sport is on the agenda!

Honestly. I play competitive sport and you use some techniques there but it’s different…besides that my mind is way too busy even medicated!

A friend in the stuggle,