Is someone meditating? I have problems with it, i can’t concentrate and it makes me sleepy, so I’m gonna yawn and my eyes is wet with tears. I’m disappointed by this


True meditation, nah. I can’t do it. But sometimes I put on soothing music and just relax and concentrate on my breathing. I guess that’s sort of like meditating.


Meditation doesn’t do anything for me sadly


It depends what type of meditation you’re doing. Some are hard Focus, some are soft focus.

Maybe a nap is exactly what you need when meditating, I don’t know. Sometimes we don’t notice what our body is telling us

Makes me psychotic… i try running in a trademill …but its broken … new one is coming away…phycial excercise is good for sz…

I had severe anxiety. Mindfulness meditation helped me a lot, it’s more active, less boring, than other kinds of mediation.

I haven’t done mindfulness recently, but whenever I’m anxious I use the technique I learned from doing mindfulness.

Can you describe the technique for us @bluebutterfly ? Always looking for something new

Yes. You sit on the floor. Instead of trying to be blank, you listen to the sounds around you (without thinking, just noticing)
You feel, notice your own body, the butt on the floor, the sensations, but without thinking.

You let yourself be immersed in the surroundings without letting your mind go astray.

You focus on the body, sounds, touch, light etc. If a thought comes into your head, you don’t “talk” with your thought, just let it pass by.


Okay thanks. It’s very similar to what I do to relax

Hmm. . .

Meditation Is A Strange Yet Elusive In Which Can Be, A Satisfying Creature.

Secretive In It’s Patience Yes!.

Astonishing In It’s Allure Yes!.

And Spiraling In A Metamorphosis Outward, Embracing For A Reality Unreal.

All One Needs To Do In Order To Achieve These Perhaps Higher Ideals And Common Morals.

Is Thus!.

Stop Everything!.

Regain Focus And Clarity.

For Now It Is Time To Being Thus Quiet Adventure Of Purity And Love.

After You Reset Your Inner/Outer Core Being of Self.

Calmly Sit. In A Comfortable Position.

Escape The Graph Charts Of Breathing Exercises.

And Stare Into Nothingness. Without Blinking.

Sitting, Not Worrying. Finding Psychological Escape.

And Clear Focus In The Stillness Of Blinking As Little As Possible.

With Your Thoughts In A Trance Of That Twilight.

Before You Know It, You Will Be Writing Spiritual Poems Quicker Than In The Blink Of An Eye!.

I used to meditate but it makes my voices go louder. So, I decided to quit.

I went to a mindfulness class once it was a course actually.

So much fun.

I like the idea of mindfulness

Very much

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