I will be meditating from today on!

I woke up today 4 in the morning with negative, racing anxious, angry thoughts, i turn on the internet and started reading about medition, and how it can help for gaba, i turn on a meditation music from youtube, and started meditating. Within 15 minutes my racing angry thoughts went away, and i became symptom free, it excited and motivated me that if i meditate every day i will be able to balance that certain neurotransmitter or hormone that causes me suffering. Now i am going to try during day time and see if i benefit from it or its only good in the morning, if i can eliminate this train of thoughts i will consider my self symptom free.


Awesome! From what I hear about meditation it takes practice. A lot of it. Daily.

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I am listening music quite a lot and I think that I am meditating while listening music and this helps. Music is a good method.

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Good for you @Mindwhisperer anything positive will help you

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I had a period of relative sobriety and stability when I did transcendental meditation, exercised, and went to AA meetings. I also cut way down on my caffeine consumption. I’ve thought about trying that again.

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In certain types yes, like Buddhist meditation requires practice, breathing etc.
There are other types that take little practice, you just put yourself there and flow with it.
Music is good, but also natural things are awesome to meditate by…the wind or running water. Especially rivers and waterfalls with the calming noise they make…also with the water you get the negative ions in the air that improve your brains functions.

I know this isn’t the same as being right there, but you can try and place yourself there in your mind… I posted some varying degrees of water sound here…

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I used to meditate. It relaxed me and relieved stress.

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Music is also good for the mind in many ways, some music makes me happy such as this :smile:


Glad you found something that will bring you peace and help you feel better.

At first I didn’t meditate in a traditional way… I just focused on calm and positive while in a gentle bath. Or I would just try and clear my mind and watch my fish.

After a while I started trying more formal meditation. Sometimes I feel pretty good after. Other times I just feel like I poked the bee hive and my mind wants to drift all over. I think it depends on how scattered and wound up I am when I start.

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thats great :blush:

I find playing the piano really calms me, it puts me in the zone where all i am thinking about is the music flowing out of it :blush: when im in a low mood i play darker music when i am in a good mood i play light music. i love classical piano


I have started reading about Buddhist meditation. It seems difficult but neurologists say that it is good for the brain. The self is really an illusion they say.

The first time I meditated was in hospital one of the health care assistants (who looked like Gordon Freeman) talked me through a simple exersize that realy calmed me down and helped.

Within 6 months of getting out of hopital I joinded mindfulness meditation group run by the local EIP.
The first time I did a mindfulness practise the voices went away for 2 hrs it was amazing.

I currently have 2 mp3’s made by my psycologist on my phone and another I found online and I find them helpful when I start to deteriate (When I remember about them).

There are a few types of meditation out there so If anyone is doing anything other than mindfulness and would like to share! :smiley: