What do you love about your pet?

I love my lizard, I use to have other herps (amphibians and reptiles) I had a tiger salamander, a painted turtle, but I was forced to get rid of them. Then I got a uromastyx and a bearded dragon. I was once again force to get rid of the uromastyx. So now all I have is kaisei the bearded dragon. He is so cute, and he is fascinating. I love learning things that I didn’t know before. No one is truly an expert on reptiles and amphibians because there’s always something new to learn.


I love the Queen of Sheba. She walks around here like she owns the place but is so skidding of outside noises and the vacuum. During those times it’s okay that I am in charge. She is very loveable. But only loves me.


I love my cat… He’s so gentle and sweet and smart. He talks a lot too. So sweet. Love his morning ritual of saying good morning, I pet him until he has enough of it and goes back to sleep. :smile:


Mine is fuzzy, affectionate, and purrs. I like that combination. Wish it would stop trying to lick my nose, though. And drinking my tea when I fall asleep.



Bearded dragons are adorable :blush: I have TC, he’s a Bengal cat. I love that he’s not like any other cat I’ve known. I think he’s part dog and part bunny rabbit and part monkey. :heart_eyes:


I have two cats. One is the President of our house… She is a stern taskmaster. She is imperious. She is always at DEFCON 3. She knows my roommate only as Lap, but after Lap shoved her into a carrier to take her to the basement during a tornado last month, she relieved Lap of her lap duties. Now she stares at my roommate incredulously as if to say, “I fired you. Why are you still here?”

But she’s sweet and snuggles into my hair like I’m her mom, and leans heavily against my legs when we pass each other. She takes any time I kneel down as an opportunity to perch on my shoulder.

Her co-cat is a black belt snuggler and veteran hunter of SNAX. Any moment spent with his face further than two inches from my face is a moment he’ll never get back. He has a goldfish brain, capable of understanding only four concepts: SMOOCH! SNAX! FIGHT! SLEEP! But he has complete mastery of those concepts.


Omg, you’re a really good writer! I want to read more about your cats! Super clever :blush:


I love my dog, he is so affectionate and needy.

He loves to chase squirrels but never killed one yet!

He is absolutely a sensitive soul and loves to lay next to me on the couch.

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i had a dog that loved to chase squirrels. she never hurt one but once she got close to getting one. she ran out to the yard and surprised a squirrel that was eating a black walnut. I think she also chased ducks. But sometimes they chased back.

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