What do you like about yourself?


What do you like about yourself?


I like that I am talented at writing and art.


Will you please show your art or writing? I love art!


I haven’t been drawing or painting for a long time now, but here’s one of my artworks from years back that I still love…


It’s beautiful! It feels uplifting! Maybe you could start doing art again!


Say, that is really beautiful, thanks for posting that!


I like that I drive my car well. Only one speeding ticket in six years of driving :smile:


I like that I’m getting better about taking care of myself and I can be out in public more with out too much paranoia amping up.

I also like that it doesn’t seem to take me as long to get over a bad day as it used to. A bad day used to easily become a bad week. Now, a bad day is really just a day or two.


" nothing "…next question.
take care


I like your sense of humor.


I like that I am able to roll with the punches.


I like my art and strong will.

Examples of my art:
Instagram: Click Here

Tumblr: Click Here

…or check out some of my posts in the Creativity section here:


I like the fact that I’m patient (probably more so in my younger days).


Not much, really. I guess my intelligence gets me points sometimes.


Could say alot of thinks I use to like about myself when I was normal now im sad bc I cant think of one thing sorry for posting. I like that I found this site though:)












I like my writing skills. I’m currently working on my first novel, and have the first 13 out of 20 chapters written. It’s a kind of a sci-fi/horror novel about a demon haunting someone in hopes of collecting their soul.


I loveee this!!! I would hang this in my house forsure!


I like that I am a avid exerciser and I take pride in the job I am currently doing