What is one thing you like about yourself?


In the spirit of Christmas and holiday cheer, what is one thing you like, or even love, about yourself?

For me, I think I would say my awkward demeanor. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know, I just wrote a post about how crap I feel so I wanna cut myself, I don’t love myself, but I suppose there are good things about me, why don’t you ask my hubby because I can’t see it… :smile: Maybe that I’m a loving person… :smile:


Now that I’m getting stronger and coping better with this head circus… I have been able to be there for others and help other people and cheer them up.

The fact that I can be a positive force… makes me feel better about life and gives me more hope.


Being a loving person and a positive force are great things to have in one’s character! Thanks for the replies guys!


I don’t know.

I just don’t know anymore.


I have a good imagination.


I wanted to type in something very positive… but the truth is maybe to persevere through a very confusing time. Trying to stay positive when I feel so worn down and continuing to try to feel love in the face of this disease is what I love about myself.


I like it that people think I’m funny.


That I can make people connect and feel through the art I create…

Often I don’t see it until I take a step back and watch people or get comments later.

I’m not very good at doing either of those things but it helps other people, it’s like I can get through to others through it. I’ve made my mum cry a few times through my art, my pieces; when allowed are emotive and have meaning, something I don’t really have the capacity to have.

This is long its the only thing I think is right with me,
Take care,


My wry sense of humor - negativity put to good use.


Tenacious , good heart , curious , interest in a wide range of subjects and to be honest i like that i got my education before i got sick.


Hard working
I suppose


i am very honest which i like…but others maybe not so !!
take care from :alien:


the fact that i am just a man

just a man


I like that I keep trying even though sz has been the story of my life.



im brave. very very brave.


People have told me I’m a nice guy. I don’t bask in it but it’s nice to hear since I put myself down a lot.


I’m resiliant.
No matter how many times life slaps me down, I keep getting back up.


If I posted something nice about myself, this would need to be moved to the unusual beliefs section.


What do I like about myself? Being what people in memphis call “cockstrong” and bright. My social skills are back up and running, I’m extroverted like I used to be again. I really like my triceps. I like my mind, but I hate my brain most of the time.