What do you like about yourself?

Did someones spouse over sell their soul and when the spooks come-a-collecting, they keep up the antics in the hopes to be the first to capture the soul?

@sasha, all I got to say is “Cheezy Poofs” hits home to me. Never could resist them little poofs of orange! Great drawing!

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I like that I can create art that people enjoy and I like that I can listen and people feel heard. I also like that at the moment I’m learning to read undercurrents of genuine situations, no predictions from voices etc, like at the moment I know my mum needs a boost so I got her a card and have done her a picture. Hopefully that will cheer her up.

I drove automobiles over 28 years and I never got any speeding tickets, I got only one parking ticket in Lisbon Portugal and this was caused by one ‘Nelson’ who was meant to guard the rental auto, but he did not do this.

music. I can play a little on a few instruments more so on the piano than on the violin or recorder.


What a great post! What a nice person.
What do you like about yourself? I like the fact that no matter how fked up you are, there is always someone worse!

I’m good at fooling people, that I don’t have any mental illnesses.
And I like to help others. I think that’s a pretty good quality…

I like everything! My journey had been interesting.