What do you guys eat everyday

currentlly this is what i eat every day no matter what.

breakfast :2 cups of oatmeal blended, with 1 scoop of whey protein and 1 serving of penutbutter all natural, also 2 cups of almond milk low calorie. all blended up at once and i drink it. = around 900+ calories

lunch i have : 1-2 cups of rice with either tuna , salmon or chicken. rice with butter around =600 calories i estimate

for dinner i have the same thing as lunch for another 600 calories

i eat around 2k calories and i weight around 130 lbs im trying to reach 140 lbs but with more muscle so i can then lose weight and compete in a bodybuilding show .i probabaly gonna add another 900 calorie shake on top of what i already eat so i can add more weight to my frame .

through out the day i drink hibiscus tea all day every day for antioxidants and supposedly its good to lower blood fats but mostly i drink it for taste i use stevia to sweeten it.

i havent gotton blood work done in over a year or since i became schizophrenic should i be worried about blood sugar i take abilify

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Shredded wheat for breakfast

Southern fried chicken breast with vegetables and gravy

Pasta with tomato sauce

Baked potato with cheese

Chicken pie and vegetables

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Breakfast is usually a piece of fruit and a Liquid IV. Usually ~100 calories

Lunch is usually a small salad, sometimes a piece of power seed toast with butter. Usually ~300 calories.

Dinner is random. Usually ~500 calories.

Plus 200-300 calories for snacks. Usually almonds, fruit, more Liquid IV, string cheese, that sort of thing.


i should probably eat more vegetables like you llol

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I eat buttered toast for breakfast
Vegetables for lunch
Vegetables for supper
For a snack I eat a variety of chips

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Breakfast is usually an apple or nectarine

Lunch and dinner is usually a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, radishes, beets, corn, peas, and either salmon or chicken breast


such a small breakfast what is liquid IV just like water? are you sedentary person those calories are good to stay lean without exercise

Yoghurt, orange juice
Dinner, i buy, different.

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I exercise about fifteen minutes a day. It’s all I can handle at the moment because of my other health conditions. Liquid IV is an oral rehydration solution. I’m on a high salt diet and need the extra help getting enough salt.

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you dont count calories? i love to count em lol its good if you are in a diet to

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what about lunch dont you get hungry

I rarely eat lunch, im not hungry then.

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for breakfast I have a fruit smoothie with protein powder, bowl of oatmeal, and mix of pumpkin seeds and raisins

for lunch I have a side salad, rice or quinoa, and a bean salad.

for dinner I have a big garden salad, baked potato, and side of peas.

and for a snack I usually have an apple or sunflower seeds.

that’s most days. im growing tired of eating the same things. I just ordered a book off amazon called ‘easy vegetarian recipes for runners’ or something like that. I don’t really like to cook, I like 20 minute meals in the kitchen then I sit down for like 40 minutes to enjoy my meal. I get 60-80 grams of protein a day and lots of carbs with some fats in seeds and olive oil.

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any exercise is better than none . why dont you use a Himalayan salt shaker thos liquid iv’s sound expensive

I use a lot of pink salt and regular salt. I take 5 grams of salt from tablets daily and I’m supposed to get another 5 grams from my food/drink. The Liquid IV is a little expensive, but they work pretty well.


i get tired of eating the same thing too so you dont eat meat? iv tried plant based diet but i got bored of eating same thing and i dont know many plant based recipies so i switched back to eating meat i hate cooking shakes take like 5minuts and i have a rice cooker so when im hungry i just cook my meat and bam im ready to eat takes like 10minutes tops .


do you take that much salt in because of your health conditions? that amount is alot

Yes. Because I have autonomic nervous system dysfunction including POTS and neurocardiogenic syncope. I’m hypovolemic, don’t have enough blood, and need a lot of extra water daily and also go through salt a lot faster than the average person.

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sometimes I eat meat. I was vegan for 4 years and didn’t touch meat or dairy, then I went back to meat for a couple years, now im vegetarian where I eat like 3 servings cheese a day.

sometimes my mom will make me dinner with meat and i’ll occasionally eat meat then. also at holiday BBQ’s and thanksgiving I will eat meat. im mostly vegetarian. I find it’s better not to stand out and make my diet an issue during social occasions, so I don’t say much about being a vegetarian. i’ll let the young people do the fighting over ethics.


Wow those sound like conditions that are hard to manage day to day are you on disability for them?