What do you do when you hear voices when you're trying to sleep?

I’m hearing voices and feel like they’re real at times so I respond back to them. It’s keeping me up even though I’m exhausted.

Any personal experiences you guys have had on the subject?

i have aliens operating on me ( not all the time )…or talking to me…i just put up with it…:imp:
most of the time the chatter is pretty interesting.
take care :alien:

I was having this issue tonight and took an AP, hopefully it quites my mind down.

Are you on meds?

Yes I am. But they don’t always do their job, or rarely do, but I know they make my symptoms a bit more dull or subtle.

The brain decompresses when I’m trying to fall asleep and as I relax… the doors in my head open up and it all starts to play.

Usually my Meds help… but sometimes I have to get up and go for a walk… get physically tired so I just fall asleep despite the head circus.

Or I paly music and focus on that until I fall asleep…

Good luck… it’s not always easy.

I use ear phones and music to not hear whispers and voices in the evening.