What to do when voices start the session?

When they strike full blown and start their tormenting,I lay in bed and wait.Sometimes I sleep little over.For me it’s battle between God vs demons.One corner of room against other and I begin to be filtering machine,so the blame is always mine.I can live normally only by night.I take prescribed medicine but it’s not with success.I must get stronger and self important.

I hope you find medicine that works.


A very harsh scene that. Brilliant but harsh.
It reminds me of “Angel Heart,” another movie in which the central protagonist reinterprets his past and realises that he is the enemy,

and of my own short-lived psychosis (to which I feel I will return) in which I felt myself to be, in for a very bad denouement. But I don’t know what to do.
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This supposed to be a textual thread,so I will flag next time things that you posted.It’s inappropriate.

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Whatever dude… 151515


I have a playlist on spotify that I listen to when I’m having difficulties falling asleep or relaxing. It helps me keep my focus away from voices as well.

I also do breathing exercises.

You could try talking to your doctor about getting some prn (“as needed”-medication) to take when the voices get too bad.


Yes,I tried both,breathing and taking Haldol or other med as prn.Tomorrow I will talk to my psychiatrist about my condition.Thanks for caring.

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