What do you do to get away from tiredness?

My main symptoms have subsided, but most of the time, I struggle with fatigue. I think it’s both negative symptom and side effect. I work 4 days a week, and I’m always so tired. Both my body and brain. How do you take care of yourself? Do you exercise? Does the tiredness come from the brain? I’m 35 now, but I feel really old. How bad is your fatigue?

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I don’t work anymore. I do some volunteer work so it’s all low stressed. Exercise is great. You can get some good gains but it’s hard if your working. Try small. Do 30 minutes or brisk walking three days a week. It’s good for mental health as physical.

I’ve gone from sleeping 10 hours a day to less than 8 but I’ve nothing else to do most days. That helps!

Diet was a huge factor for me. I can’t do any kind of drug and I don’t do caffeine, and I just have more energy in general. Also, drinking a lot of water helps, as does healthy sleep schedules.

What medication you on and is it a high dose
I exercise diet and drink lots water

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