So darn sleepy

Do any of you have non-medication related chronic fatigue?

For a few years now I’ve had noooo energy. 0. It makes paying attention in class and studying even harder than it already is. I’m just constantly sleepy. I go to bed the same time every night, aside from my insomniac nights I get 8 hours of sleep. I’ve tried going to bed two hours earlier and two hours later, but neither works. No matter what time I wake up at I could sleep more. I could and have literally slept entire days away before. I could sleep all day and all night. I make sure I get all the food groups every day, and I exercise every day as well. What is up with this? Why am I so tired all the time?


i don’t do meds…and i am always tired.
i put it down to ;
my mind going 125kmh…i am pretty much always exhausted !!
things i do are ;
rise and go to bed at the same time, regardless of how i feel.
excercise…i have been doing this for 2 months now, it is helping.
relaxing tea before bed.
no electric gadgets in bedroom
lavender oil on bottom of feet
eat healthy balanced diet
no sugar
don’t eat 3 hours before bed
have your iron level checked
vitamin b’s help you sleep, especially b12
take care "nighty, night " from the :alien:


Yeah i can sleep entire days away as well. So I try to have some sort of schedule

The thing is I have to eat regularly because I have problems with low blood sugar :confused: I eat dinner at like 6, so I start getting hungry again by 10. If I don’t eat I get very sick and can’t sleep anyways!

Bah. Anyways I’m gonna go ask a doctor about it. Thanks for the advice though!

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I would definitely talk to a doctor. I have sleep apnea which means I stop breathing while I’m sleeping. This interrupts your sleep and makes you feel so tired in the morning no matter how much sleep you get. Can you drink coffee? That always helps, but I have to be careful because it can amp up my anxiety. Maybe your doctor can do a sleep study though. I hope you figure it out. Being tired effects your whole day. :sunny:

I’m tired but it is because of meds or lack of sleep. I have to use meds to sleep at all. I’m pre psychotic. I have 300 mg Quetiapine, 10 mg Sobril, 10 mg Nitrazepam and 7,5 mg Zopiclone and 2 ml Theralene to sleep ONE night. I sleep about 7-8 hours on that cocktail. But I am so messed up next day until lunch. Then I get back to normal me. Somewat normal me.

@Anna - It sounds like you have a plan for this…

I don’t want to add any confusion, but one idea to maybe look into…

could also be S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder)

I used to think it was hippy hooey… light lamps and feeling lethargic in the dark days of winter.

But last year a light therapy lamp got donated to us and I had a much easier winter last year.

My friend’s mom has that. Maybe I’ll check out one of those lamps…unless they’re super expensive :confused:

don’t buy a lamp its a whim and the vhancesof you using it every day are minimal. if I want to get stuff done I have to drink coffee by the bucket. these meds are pretty hardcore!

I drink coffee and occasionally energy drinks, but unless I had a really bad night I generally don’t drink more than one cup of coffee a day. Don’t want to get addicted :confused: I already have a sugar addiction I don’t need a caffeine one ahahaha

no don’t get addicted its like chasing the buzz of being chased by a bear quite unpleasant if your not shaking your not drinking enough coffee. I should quit but then nothing would get done. seroquelknocks me down caffeine lifts me up.

im not sure if its just my mood disorder swings or if i have fatigue its really hard to tell the difference.

thats interesting, i find i have ample amounts of energy from like october till january then my energy level is just zapped by january till spring