What do you do to avoid being alone with your thoughts

I get agitated and depressed when I’m doing nothing. But then when I do something I don’t enjoy it. I just want my intrusive thoughts to stop.

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I come on here, or talk with friends/family. I hate being alone with my thoughts. I would say I spend 90% of my waking hours interacting with others either in person or online.


I agree being on here and starting a new group VA support help me not to be alone with my thoughts.

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Asides from people whom I have some trust built up over long periods of time I don’t really talk to people. I know I should.


I looove being alone especially when I don’t have voices, you can think whatever you like without someone commenting on it constantly. The silence is wonderful and bliss. I can hear birds chirping and every little sound. I think hearing voices makes it a lot easier to be mindful when you don’t hear voices


I’m alone 99% of the time, so hard to get away from my thoughts


I agree with you being helps me with my thoughts. I like the quiet time and listening to the sounds of nature. I have a really hard time talking to people my voices interfere with conversation

Listen to music, good ones

Athletics, entrepreneurial work projects, researching, writing, and in the last year I started doing digital recordings instead of writing as much.

It’s a very rare person that I do any social exchange and upkeep. It always has been a problem for me, and I’ve always gone so far and so hard in adjacent directions that rarely anyone knows anything I care to spend time learning, however whoever cares to spend time learning from me is alright with me. I like to entertain people, but it’s probably not something you have anyway of knowing what to expect.

Nothing makes you get your skills higher, and get your knowledge deeper than the fire of sz thoughts under your pants. It is the morbid olympic runner’s torch. OUCH! :fire::sun_with_face: :wink:

Almost non-stop inserted thoughts that won’t leave. No matter what I do they’re there. My therapist wants me to come up with a word to reframe my thoughts. Sorry your thoughts bother you too. :frowning:

I find listening to music helps

I leave the house and take breakfast out.

I watch tv shows or try to find someone to interact with.
Do something to take your mind off it, even if it’s just for five minutes

Music is important to me. I like sitting in a comfy armchair and think/relax. The intrusive thoughts usually starts when outside around people.

Listen to music and sing along to the words. When going to bed I listen to talkback radio.

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