What do you do in your free time?

What do you do with free time? I am on a month-long winter break from college and I lift weights with a buddy from high school and watch anime and read mangas. I also spend hours a day on these and other forums.

I download a lot of movies and tv shows, smoke a cig every hour, and just kinda entertain myself when I am not working out or eating yucky high-protein meals like I am right now. (2 scoops of whey protein mixed with soymilk and granola…its gross)

But what floats your boat?

I record and watch a lot of comedy shows. Always puts me in a good mood early in the day.

I also play piano for about 2 hours per day. I’m working on recording my favorite songs and putting them on YouTube.

Throughout the day, I text with friends across the country. And socialize on a few websites and apps.

And I do yoga for about 30 minutes per day. I also walk 2-5 miles per day now.

So all-in-all, I stay pretty busy during the day.



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Have some coffee and think usually.

It’s very frustrating.

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Wander from place to place, inside and out.

Lol I know what you mean. I start the day with coffee, breakfast and meds and then just think before I go to class. On days off I can sit around for hours doing absolutely nothing except talk to my mom. I also brood alot, pacing around my backyard with a cigarette. I lift weights every other afternoon, so that adds lots of structure, as I have to hydrate, take my supplements and eat appropriately when I lift.

i have had a problem with this.
been a slow couple of weeks here,
IT support, no calls right now.

been reading alot of i ching so i got this framed in kinda “yin yang” terms if that’s ok,

see this demon named yin, when it’s quiet like this,
\he comes up with things to do.
he says write essays on sz.com,
drink tea, coffee, eat something, something powerful and caloric,
read something, something weird and mystical,
generate psychoses, this time more outrageous and inhuman than ever before,
keep practicing that chinese caligraphy, so you can soon do to the eastern mind
what you’ve been practicing so long on the western one,
watch dvd’s, ever more interesting versions of life around the world and the troubles that people get themselves into,
go to the gym, gain in strenght and fitness,
read the new york times, keep up with the multiple wars that none of the rest of the media does,
that’s a couple of hours a day right there this last few weeks,
you got egypt, south sudan, russia and tha caucasian mountains, you got israel and the gazans, lebanon as well, got the war in syria, all out war in somalia, bombings in mogadishu daily. Protests in vietnam, in phnom penh, protesters chang HUN SEN GET OUT, and the failure of ice breakers to free the 223 foot ship akademik shokalskiy, yeah, end of the world with the clash of the monotheists out there in the new york times. gotta leave that stuff alone!
cause this yin demon is the guy who wrote the line “lets party”.

So i asked the i ching what to do about this yin demon in 2014, seeing as this is killing me.
Paganini said the electricity i feel from my performances does me great harm.
Me too. So i ching has a quick answer: yin demon problems? get the yang demon.

Made sense.
So volya yang, a tiger who escaped from the circus of yin, taught me how to do it.
I published his story on this website recently somewhere.

Yeah Volya Yang, the yang farmer, whole different plan for what to do on the boring times.
Volya is the russian for will to freedom, which is the banner the yin demon likes to use.
But this is freedom from the circus, freedom to not have to perform,
to not have to drink tea or coffee, or even sugar,
enthusiastic promoter of yang, lowell the yang farmer and volya yang like to nap in the sun,
they like to stare quietly,
they like to walk much more slowly,
they sleep way later into the morning,
and they smile off into the void of their non-imaginations
and practice non action.

Yang demon isn’t from america,
america is the circus of yin.

it is taboo in america to use the term “americanitis”,
which is what i am describing as being tortured by a yin demon,
or mark knopfler calls “Industrial Disease”…
but in the east they call it like they see it,
and advertise the cure for americanitis,
they don’t call it the yang demon or the yang farmer but it is,
it’s called "MTM, morita therapy management,
idea is to stop with the coffee, the calories, tha activiteis,
the go go go all day, and just be eastern, meditate,
then step two go out and do physical labor,
leading to step three where you can eventually go
back to your high paced stressful american job for a while,
with a new reservoir of yang to draw from.

so mtm is the science of yang farming.
and america is the science of yin farming.

welcome to the circus.
here to get your applause.
or maybe you gametalists are here to find a “mate”,
and placing all your hope for yang in that.

  • wonderdonkey, a yang farmer, escaped from yin city, napping under the black hexagon moon…

Winter is sort of down time if you’re a gardener or a lifeguard so my sis and I are both on break for the next week. Her pool is shut for it’s yearly maintenance and I’m just kicking it a few hours day on-line doing planning meetings and looking over inventory and ordering list. Week after next… Then it will be work and school for the both of us.

My sis has been finding the oddest stuff to do in the city. So, when I have free time I find myself at the “History of Roller Skates” exhibit. The “999 Red Balloon Launch” The First Nations “Tribute to the Salmons Year” and “Modern Shakespeare in the quad” Or we play her favourite game… “Tourist” and we go do all the tourist stuff that most people due in summer only we do it in winter when no one is around.

I think my Sis has a thing about the “fish throwers” because she always wants to go see them. Yes, it is what it sounds like, they have a stall on the edge of Pike Place Market and they throw fish around. They are even on YouTube now.

Other then that, I go for a long swim and I’ve been waxing my boards, breaking in a new wetsuit and getting ready for better surf ahead.

30 Foot waves in the UK. Surfs up.

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Walking. Watching the five music video channels on cable tv here in new zealand. Getting a coffee with my girlfriend or grabbing a whopper at bk.

Poker video games tv, need to get back to exsersizing more