What do you do to entertain yourself

I don’t do it enough, but I watch tv.


I watch an ant.


i play videogames and watch netflix, play with my dogs and workout.

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I’m watching YouTube every day from morning till evening. And I also watch Tv. I’m just consuming those two things most of the time. Sometimes I play a video game. I don’t know what to do with myself without these two things and also this forum I read probably every day.

YouTube, Twitch, and Netflix. And when I’m bored of that I post on this forum.

forum mostly, sometimes i draw or paint, sometimes i go for walk, trying to swim tmrrw.

sometimes i read a little

i watch sports, news, workout, and read. i also lay out in the sun when the weather is nice and listen to the radio.

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I pretend I can sing, and sing to my favorite songs.


I also like the motion of bus rides, feels like I’m moving maybe psychologically I feel like I’m doing something productive cos I’m moving

It’s like treadmills I hate them, but jogging in the park I like

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make knots out of rope. and carve wooden sticks

I work mostly.

Entertainment wise, Apple Music, YouTube, Forums x2 and general news etc.
YouTube premium
Meditation app
Sit outside on balcony in nice weather
Visit my sister and her CATS


I play games on my computer, listen to music, read philosophy, watch Netflix, mostly anime, and sometimes draw. Lately I have been watching videos and reading manga in Russian. I know the language a little bit.

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Listen to trance music and smoke

I wonder what I’d be doing if I never knew of this forum.

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I exercise, I watch Netflix, I listen to music…

i watch movies and series, browse the forum and listen to music. And when i’m doing well i make music.

Crochet, gaming, making stuff, reading. I don’t do a lot of watching TV but I can listen okay.

Watching romantic movies.

I enjoy ASMR. Pretty cool work out there.