What do you do in weddings?

of someone who is relative
to be specific your brother or sister
r u happy to attend such events
for me i try to show i am happy but i am not very successful do that :joy::joy:

I enjoyed them pre-SZ. Now I can’t even go to the corner store comfortably.

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I was best man at my dads wedding to my step-mom when he got married in Las Vegas. My job was to stand up in front of about 16 to 17 people in my tuxedo during the ceremony and the vows and then hand my dad the ring.
Later that night the reception was held in a hotel room and as best man I had to give the toast in front of all those people. My dad knew my sense of humor and he leaned over and whispered, “Don’t say anything embarrassing.” lol. I actually pulled it off and I did fine.
My dad having me be best man was actually one of the proudest moments in my life.

Otherwise, I had a small part in my moms wedding to my step-dad.
In my oldest sisters wedding I had no part at all, but I had a good time. And I actually missed all three of my middle sisters weddings.


Weddings make me really tense, uncomfortable, and afraid. Being in public does, too.

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Drink eat enjoy the show

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I sit there………lol lol lol

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I play the banjo as well!!!

Is That a Tough Instrument to Learn How to Play?.

Does it Mirror The Acoustic, or Electric Guitar, in Any Way (???).

:snake: :sleeping: :snake:

I’m just making a joke.


That Was a Good One Man, “Bro”, And Such.

:peace_symbol: :black_heart: :peace_symbol:

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I was not invited to weddings and then I said no to attending some because I have difficulties socialising.

I was at a wedding once n wore white n black feathers and got drunk but I didn’t know the dress code then.
They hated me.ha ha ha
It was a disaster.

I say no if I’m invited to such events usually.

I want to marry my x in SA but if he never takes me back maybe I would love someone else that much? N be that good together…

I want a gothic wedding.
Gothic style but not satanic but definitely not Christian either.

Looking for females and food

Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat aaaaand eat


I love wedding cakes.

Indian weddings last forever and I’d rather not go to them because there’s too many people as well…

I don’t like such events and I have no good clothes for such occasions. I always wear my shorts and a tshirt

I skipped my brother’s and sister’s weddings. I wish I wouldn’t have, though. I was just too young still to appreciate them for more than what they did to me as teenagers.

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I drink and eat, used to dance and socialize before schizophrenia.

My sisters wedding was so fun last year there was a live band and I ate a breakfast buffet at the hotel plus fun games and good family time it felt like a vacation

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I went to my sister’s wedding a month ago.
I put in a big effort for her, and because I was so happy on her behalf that she’d found the person she wanted to spend her life with, and I knew the wedding going well meant a lot to her, I was able to muster up unknown strength and allow myself to relax and enjoy it.