Speaking of clothes

It’s been about twenty years for me since I’ve worn a suit. And I have only worn a tuxedo once in my life, when I was best man at my fathers wedding in Las Vegas in 1992. Yeah, me up in front of thirty people.The reception was up in a hotel room. As best man I had to make a toast with thirty people staring at me. I was known n for telling slightly off-color jokes so before my toast my dad leaned over to me and whispered, “Don’t say anything embarrassing” Lol. I kept it clean and short.

There isn’t enough alcohol in the world that would let me talk in front of 30 people, and knowing them would have made it worse!
You’re pretty brave Nick. Did you keep it clean?

I forget what I said, but yeah, it was clean. And I was sober!

Cheers to you! You are soooo brave!

like my roommate says four score and servo beers ago