What do you do for entertainment?

I watch an anime season in a few days or read a manga series in a few days. I used to be a movie buff but I watched all of the good movies ever (im serious) and moved onto anime which are longer and more addictive. They’re designed for binge-watching, that much is obvious. I am a full time student and competitive powerlifter in the lightest weight class, 165lbs, but except for finals week I usually have a fair amount of free time and find myself bored.

I hangout with my friends often, but thats pretty much always at night, so its during the days that I watch anime and read manga.

Three girls gave me their phone numbers and want to get a coffee after exams, Im also talking to a guy who lives an hour away who wants to visit. Im sort of a whore, but I want a relationship, im sick of feeling like only my doctors and parents understand me.

Like right now I am thinking about just watching anime cuz I went to class and worked out and I dont have class until 220 tomorrow and were just reviewing for finals. I dont even have class on thursday, so Ive got 4 days to review before finals.

I am 23 years old this year,diagnosed with schizophrenia since 18,I normally do my workout for entertainment…I play gaming also seldomly…i also play semi-pro for badminton for my state Johor Bahru…I am now only 3rd single,if my form drop I would probably be kicked out…I hope to maintain or reach top single for my state in johor…these are my entertainment

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Lie on my bed and think. Listen to music. Listen to birds. Haunt this site.


I mostly watch Netflix. I too have reached the end of things to watch. I’ve watched the first four seasons of Community five or six times, and a few other shows in their entirety at least twice. I find that most other activities are very difficult to become engaged in. TV is easiest because I can just have it on in the background, and if it’s not engaging it doesn’t hurt anything and I can just talk to myself, or lie down, or do whatever it is I’d rather be doing. Sometimes I try to workout, but I’ve become so out of shape over the last year that it’s hard to start again. I also try to play video games, but everything feels so lackluster these days that it’s hard to enjoy it.

I listen to music, read , draw, watch movies or play video games. I love manga and anime also.

I meditate alot on things, i try and force the wisdom into myself without the experience that is nessecary to have it, it’s slow and mentally grueling.

I don’t know why i do it, it just happened one day.

I don’t find entertainment entertaining

read read read
and come on this website and others on internet

Read, walk around and look for small adventures, and play in the water.

I read sometimes. I hang out online, write, I used to do artwork but have had no ideas of what to draw/paint.
I listen to music and I have about four people I exchange emails with and about three with whom I chat online. That and sometimes (maybe 4 x a week) I cook dinner for my family. On the nights when I don’t cook we either have take out or we eat something frozen.

I listen music, sometimes write a poem, watch funny videos on Youtube, ride my bicycle, watch some videos I have borrowed in the library.

thats interesting…

I watch music videos on TV, do some sport, some of home chores and sometimes go into my cousin place and read sth.

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I read, I’m currently doing two art classes (recreationally) and do art in my free time, I play classical guitar when I can, I listen to music, I write and I go on walks but haven’t gone walking much because my dog tore a ligament and I don’t like to walk alone it’s just been short walks, when I’m free over the summer I’m going to try and go walking on my own in places I feel safe as I don’t where I am, too many associations from when I was acutely ill.


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Lie on my bed and think. Listen to music. Listen to birds.

Sounds wonderful…

I like to sew and quilt. I also like to read.

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It’s OK. Nothing profound. The crows and mockingbird - they’re profound.

for entertainment I like to play piano or violin. it gives me a feeling of satisfaction with myself and the world around me.

I like to listen to the birds chirp and watch the squirrels run around.

I read only a small amount but I enjoy reading too.



best part on my day is the period when ive one sock on and want sock off im just about to put my other sock on but in the meantime im just sitting staring i could spend hours doing that i love it LOL


mortimermouse asked: “What do you do for entertainment?”

The only pre-planned things that I’ve found entertaining for the last month or so have been watching re-runs of a specific science fiction show or posting sparsely on a web forum. Posting sparsely on a web forum seems to occasionally make my paranoia flare up a little for some reason, so I’m still trying to do it less. Watching old episodes of that science fiction show gets old after a while, even though it is a reasonably cerebral show.

In times past, I found that it was fun to do SWTOR PVP or EQ II PVP (Player-versus-Player competition, as opposed to a software developer intentionally setting up straw-man opponents that any dummy could take down.). That got old after a while, too. I suppose that I could try another PVP type of computer game.

If I’m entertained by cerebral stuff and PVP stuff, though, why not try a combination of the two? I found this link:

“Programming Games and Contests”

That link seems to have links to a bunch of PVP games in which the player improves his performance by writing better computer programs. An example is programming toy software ‘robots’ to compete with each other.

Maybe I’ll try some of them and try to let you guys and gals know how it goes.

Do any of the sort of things that you guys and gals enjoy doing for entertainment involve cerebral and/or PVP stuff? For instance, I noticed that a lot of you like to read. I would imagine that some of those books are both cerebral and entertaining. I came up with some interesting results when I googled: cerebral sci fi books