What do you do all day?

i work in the morning. In the afternoon it depends. i go appointments, try to workout when in the mood, play on my kindle go online, and watch tv and walk my dog.

There is a lot of coffee involved, as well as a lot of joking, laughing, learning,
Cleaning, thinking, rearranging, petting kitty cats, cooking, eating.

Depends on the day. Sometimes I do nothing. Sometimes I do more than most people could imagine doing. Lol. The barrier for me working is the unpredictable nature of my days. Days of clarity I can get things done and I do tons of things on days of rapid cycling. But then there are days where tying my shoes would be an accomplishment of the day.


I work 8 hours a day usually monday to friday. When i am home
I listen to music a lot and read some when i can find something I

I do miss work days here and there but I have somehow managed
to have the same job for almost 28 years so I must be doing
something right


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I miss working. I can’t hold a job since I have some days where working is not a good idea. The last few jobs I had did not end on nice terms. Hoping I can start my own business one day though.

I go to school monday thru friday, surf the net, and other stuffs. My life is boring nowadays DX

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Books, coffee, computer, smoking, housework, errands

I sleep past noon. pick my daughter up from school as she has early release, has no car, and no bussing. sometimes I read during the day. always read at night before bed/falling asleep.

will occasionally do a small chore. usually dishes. since it’s just me and my daughter nothing really gets dirty. she really does most of the housework.

I have severe apathy and lack of motivation. so mostly I just sit and stare and drink my coffee. I know, pretty boring but that’s how it is for me.

Almost nothing at all. Walk from place to place, chew nicotine gum, lie on my bed and think. I do usually walk into town to make sure I have food to eat. Computer related stuff. Right now I’m slowly typing up my collected poems from age 18.

Do you draw wildflowers?

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That’s good, daydreamer. I’ve been wondering what all you’ve been up to.

I’ve been getting into wild flowers. I’ve even been using them more in landscaping. I think they are under rated. People don’t appreciate them much. But many of the simple looking wild flowers are really complex. They also attract more pollinators.

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My favorite flowers are the wildflowers, natural ones here are the purple thistle.
I also loved this can of wildflower seeds I bought not expecting anything.
In a few weeks, the flowers popped up and it was heaven.