What all you guys like to do all day most days?

been a while since i have been active on here, but im thinking about being more involved on here for my health and understanding.

i usually start my day with a dip in and take a shower then i make something to eat and within first couple hours of waking i work out and exercise. tonight i did an hour of incline bench press. but i usually do about 150 to 200 pushups with maybe some hammercurls with dumbbells.

then i might get on computer and listen to music for several hours while researching random things that come to mind that i want to know more about. otherwise i may watch a movie online or social media. I have not been a tv watcher since about 2012. when i was getting paranoid that the tv was broadcasting subliminal messages and also sometimes the scenes on the tv when i would watch it briefly would be something along the lines of what i was thinking about or what i was currently phased with in my life and then on the tv they would show like a evil twisted plot to go with my current mentality which made everything seem messed up. so not watching tv is going very well for me for the past 6 or 7 years.

i did a 100 piece puzzle a few days ago or so and then went and got a 1000 piece and i didnt get very far and someone put it up and took it off the table lol which is ok, i tried finding one of those puzzle mats that you can roll up the completed partial of the puzzle and unroll it out next time you want to work on it. but i didnt see any at my local store.

anyways what all has been going in your lives lately if you feel like sharing i would know that you care :slight_smile:


Hello. My morning usually starts with getting myself ready to go to work and have breakfast. I work full time as a clinical nurse in an aged care home. Love my job. After work, i usually go to the gym and do usually an hour on the treadmill. Then i’ll have dinner. After that i usually go on the computer for a few hours to catch up with the day’s news, see how everyone is doing on here. I like reading, so before i go to bed i’ll ready for a while. I like doing long stitch as a form of relaxation. Sometimes i make cakes for the staff at work.


cool. thank you for caring for the elderly!

i too use my computer everyday. its a great means of entertainment.
i like reading too, i read a western book over the summer this year then before that i read a star wars novel. but been trying to find something i can read in about a few days. i almost bought a sewing machine earlier last night but ended up getting my dad a xmas present. i need the sewing machine to work on my shoemaking hobby which i am still pretty much a first timer although have made 1 or 2 espadrille style shoes.

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I usually keep pretty busy, but when I get a break from work and such I mostly chill with some music, since I no longer have a tv. Mine got stolen last year, and I never bothered replacing them. It’s no longer a big deal for me, and it seems giving up tv has been a very good decision for you.

I also get on here quite a bit, chat with people. I mostly stick to the lounge threads these days, because I just don’t care to talk about symptoms and meds all the time; sometimes it’s nice to come here to chat about whatever.

Anyway, sorry that got long.


Feel your working by taking to d TV or walking the street talking in your mind to people in there home compiling a report about a dream world then telling TV or walking d street telling your report in mind talk to people in there home, but no one is home! Ha! Ha! Ha.

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I mostly sit at my computer, taking some breaks throughout the day to walk around the house while stretching. If I have something to study regarding school I do that. Otherwise I play games, listen to music & watch Youtube or Netflix. I could easily play games allday everyday, but that wouldn’t really be healthy. I try to remember to stay hydrated, I drink alot of coffee & I make daily quotes that I snap up from the things i experience during the day. This has been my life for about a year, I like it.







walk the dog

listen to NPR every morning

have dinner with Phil

asleep pretty early, awake early too


I mostly spend my day listening to music or watching videos on Youtube while i check out this forum. I also read interesting things online (a lot of Wikipedia) and i usually read a book at night before bed. I am currently reading Dune.


Dune is that the same company or people that made command and conquer video game? i remember the pc game like 15 years ago was a lot like or very similar to the command and conquer game.
i remember someone showing me the dune book but i dont think i read it or if i did i dont remember. how is the book so far?

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I just try to get through the day. Usually I wake up because of my nursing service, they come twice a day. And in the time before and after, I smoke, watch Tv or YouTube and go on this forum sometimes. I lay a lot in bed. Every couple days I play a bit World of Warcraft or go for a walk. I manage to get the basics, some things like washing my clothes does my father for me. I could not. And I do go to the grocery store to buy myself food or I buy tobacco. This is what I do if I have no appointments.


Work, care for my kid, cook, browse the internet, see family or friends. And lie in bed ruminating, at the moment.


Keep as busy as ■■■■. The more I bulldoze through my day, the better I feel about myself. Accomplishing more than I map out, really is rewarding :hugs:. Right now, I’m chilling with my dogs and eating my post workout meal. My arms are struggling to lift my utensils and ■■■■ :rofl:. Good, good workout.

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It’s a pretty good book so far. I’ve been slow about reading it because of concentration issues but i’m enjoying it now. I’m about a hundred pages in and it’s getting very interesting.

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I usually hang out with my mom a lot. We’re like best friends. Lately tho I’ve been trying to be by myself and get some time just to relax. I go on my computer or watch TV. It’s always a good idea to have a good support system like a family to get through hard times. Not that I have that many, but without my parents, I don’t know where I’d be without them. I’ve been schizophrenic since I was seventeen. I am now thirty. I’m almost well but still have some problems. I hope one day I can get out and get a job or volunteer. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. Never give up.


Sometimes I wake early and sometimes I wake very late. It’s all totally unpredictable. I go to bed at about the same time every night. (At about 11 or 12 midnight.) When I wake, the first thing I do is take my morning meds and have breakfast. Then, I usually pray. Then, I get on the computer. Then, at 900 am, I call my friend. (She wakes at 900 am.) Then, I eat lunch. Then, I go to my appointments. Then, I cook and eat dinner. Then I take my evening meds. Then, I call my friend again. Then, I practice my piano from 730 to 830 pm. Then, I talk on the phone again. Then, I pray again. Then, I do my yoga practice. Then, I read in bed. Then, I fall asleep.


Computer stuff, hang with my friend, sleep, eat food, nap

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I like to walk through the Prairies with my cameras making art. A close second is playing around in my home studio for my online radio station I run as a hobbyist. Much lower on my list is selling insurance for a living, which is how I spend Monday thru Friday. (Blech.)


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Sorry to hear about your tv.

Who stole it?
Someone you know?

That could be scary .hope not.
I reckon you are doing well,

I start the day by getting coffee in bed.
My partner makes us one most mornings so I wake up and it’s next to the bed.i heat it in the microwave if it’s cold .
Some mornings I get up first and then I make coffee.

I usually make my boyfriend and myself lunch.

I joined the gym this year and lately I usually used to go to the gym and attend gym classes but our instructor retired and the other instructor does not do those classes so my exercise schedule is going to change this year.
Hopefully I will still exercise well and improve my diet .
I have not been to the gym for over a week as it’s closed.

I feed the dogs,take the dogs out and care for them and love them.
I usually tell the dogs and my man every day that I love :two_hearts: them.

I organise and buy food etc for my sacred neigh and visit her and love her etc

I sometimes assist my man around the place.

I knit

I sometimes crewchette

I sometimes read

I do things around the garden and home .

I buy food and other things

I clean once a week and do the laundry once a week.

I attend meetings /appointments

I am on this forum

I water the plants

I am on the Internet

I bake

I sometimes cook but my boyfriend prefers to make dinner .
He thinks my cooking is not healthy enough is one reason he gave me but I can cook healthy too.
Wonder if he truly likes my cooking…
He told me once he does.

I might start volunteering a hour next year

I may do other things but that’s what I can think of right now.

@SacredNeigh7 my tv’s were stolen in a burglary of my apartment last year. I almost moved out after that, but I’m still here. I don’t want to be living here, though; I want out.

I understand.

I wish you a home where you will feel safe or that you can feel safe there again after such a event.

Brave if you to do so well despite that etc

Wishing you a loving peaceful home.

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