Im down to 4 voices!

just 4 people now, at one time i heard about 50 voices. now it’s just kristen, adrienne, jeff, and tara, notably absent is pigface, my nickname for some dude named adam who used to drive me crazy. they are real people, old friends of mine, nowadays, most of the time they just repeat my thoughts, my words, their voices, but once in a blue moon they say something that doesn’t seem to come from me. it causes me no distress, because i can barely make out what they say as it’s quiet now on meds. and 99% of the time is when i lay down to sleep at night. this is fine, i know the diffference between my unmedicated state and my medicated state. also it’s funny that i never confused the voices for regular conversation with people, i always knew they were voices and just thought i was becoming telepathic. but it’s safe to say, i would return back to my old state if i went off meds in a matter of months.

What types of things?

Are they talking about specific things like intelligible conversation?

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brief statements that seemed to be open ended and make me think. i wish they would explain themselves but don’t. just a short one or two sentence. i really don’t remember my medicated conversations, because i go to sleep and forget them. but i still remember some of my unmedicated conversations, like brian saying, “never looking back was the biggest mistake you ever made” or josh calling me, “the devil incarnate” or jeremy telling me “we don’t mince words, your mincing your words again.” also jeremy saying “something is keeping him alive”.

Awesome! I still have 2 voices floating around, old friends and enemies

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