What do people with chronic mental illnesses often do for housing?

I have been diagnosed with psychotic depression, psychosis NOS, and avoidant personality. I am on SSDI disability. I live with my parents and my dad is the payee. im told that i choose to stay on disability i will be dependent on someone else indefinitely to manage my finances as they will be the payee.

I have serious reservations about venturing out into the workforce because i fear that if i lose my benefits once i get full time work (which in my situation wouldn’t be too hard since i have a pharmacy tech certificate and an associate degree) i likely won’t be able to get them back should i require them again. Making that leap is a huge risk in my mind and i would rather stay on disability in case i unexpectedly have another life threatening relapse.

on the other hand, when my parents pass away i cant simply rely on what they leave behind to survive financially, because eventually that money will run out. I’m not sure what to do.

i have looked into several housing services programs and there is one further north of where i live that seems very good, not too run down or creepy looking. but id like to gather as many options as possible.

What are my options in this situation??


Hi. Does your state/country have a ticket to work program? That’s a program where you can work part time with a job coach, to get used to the routine of work again. At the end of your trial period, you and your coach decide whether you should remain on disability or move back into full-time employment.


If you live in the U.S., you can apply for Section 8 housing I think with HUD Housing and Urban Development, I believe. These are subsidies I believe. You qualify if your income is low enough. It helps you with your rental payments.

Yes i have applied for section 8, i’m on the waiting list for a town abotu 2 hours from me, however that would place me far away from my current psychiatrist and therapist :confused:

Yes i have looked into this, but i was not aware that a job coach would be involved, i was told at social security office that i could make a certain amount working part time but past that they would drop benefits. ultimatly SSA doesn’t want people to remain on disability period, im not sure i could trust this program.

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You can become your own payee. I did this about a year ago. You’ll have to go to the SS office with your payee and be interviewed. The whole thing takes about 15 minutes. Then they send a letter to your pdoc for him to agree that you are capable of being your own payee.

Your in a good situation living with your parents and on ssdi. I have the same arrangement. I have saved over $60,000 in the last 7 years. SAVE SAVE SAVE!

Edit: if you save too much money this can affect your sec. 8 housing as I think that is a welfare program. You can also get ahold of your local NAMI office as there are group living homes they can direct you to.


For me I am still at home in college (took five years but this will be my last semester).

I don’t know where I am going to live after this weather that means I stay at home or find housing elsewhere. I have a job so I will have to worry about transportation since I don’t drive.

I kinda up in the air about everything once graduation hits.

I live with my father. From what i gather a lot of people with mental illness stay with family. However in the near future ill move out. You usually can find cheap living arrangements. I usually stay at an old army barracks that rents 330 sqft rooms for $300 CAD a month.

I dont know how it is in the states, but in alberta with disability i was told that if i start working again, get taken off disability, if in the future i became unfit for work it would be fairly easy to return to getting disability. But i would double check with whoever is your case worker for disability.

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