So i want to get an apartment

but, i work twice a week, and receive minimum wage, so i make about 260$ a month, so i am schizophrenic, and have tried going down the SSI route, but didnt work out so i obviously cant afford to live on my own because i live with my parents and am a burden on them…so i was thinking of getting public assistance, along with working my job…so the welfare could help pay for everything, but i was wondering how that all works, like do i get the apartment and live there for a month then make a payment, and during the month apply for welfare?

if i am on welfare what is the amount i will receive if i live by myself, for food and everything…and can i even work while on welfare, and if i can what are the restrictions?

Have you considered looking into applying for public housing? I know the wait can be years but the rent is proportionate to you’re income usually. There’s also low income housing where the rent is similarly proportionate to one’s income.

I work part-time and receive SSDI. I live in a nice section 8 apartment with seniors and disabled people. My rent is 1/3 of my income.

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You’re better off staying with your parents until you can get a better job. I get welfare and it’s not much. My mom helps me out so I’m lucky. Good luck to you. :sunny: