Can people with schizophrenia apply for senior housing?

I am 36 now. And I always worries about the things after retirement. I can work with taking medicine.Wondering do i qualify for low income senior housing


@bjrpengjing. Are you an American citizen? I don’t know if that’s a requirement.

973 622-7900 (NJ housing office)

@Loke I am green card holder. same as citizen while considering benefit. How are you doing ?

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I’m fine thanks. The links I posted are for low income housing resources. You live in NJ right? I remember talking to you a while back.

I qualify for low income senior and disability housing here in indiana. also going to look into a housing voucher to stay where I am soon. it’s a new program here, they just started awarded section 8 for people who are at risk of being institutionalized.

I think it really depends on the place. There are some low income senior houses that are really strict on age requirements. Currently I am living in a subsidized disabled/senior housing so there are options out there if not quite senior. I’m in Connecticut.

In my city they have mixed senior/disabled housing.

Some of the subsidized apartments in my area are for either low income seniors or people of any age on disability. Those are the only people that qualify to live there

I would think you would have to be a senior citizen to get in senior housing but they probably have some for mentally ill people.

There is a armed forces retirement home on the beach close to where I live for seniors but they don’t take people with mental illness so that’s out for me.

If anyone knows anything about affordable housing in New York City for the mentally ill that takes pets let me know. I am not low income though so I couldn’t qualify for section 8 or anything like that.

I’m not sure, but I was accepted in senior housing when I was 40 or so years old. I had been declared “disabled”. I think you have to be officially dx’ed as disabled. I didn’t last long in that place. I was off my med’s, and I saw a policeman near the entrance as I walked by, and I thought he had come for me. I was out on the balcony of my ninth floor apartment, with my hands on top of my head with the fingers laced, pacing back and forth and bellowing, “Help! I want to talk to an attorney.” I did that for about thirty minutes. Needless to say, it got a lot of attention from the police. It took them a while to get me off that balcony. They were out in the hallway, and I’d try to sneak in and lock my door. Then they would run up and try to catch me, but I would run back onto the balcony, and they would go back out to the hallway, and I would try to sneak in and lock my front door. That went on for about 20 - 30 minutes before they finally caught me. They took me to the mental hospital, and I was no longer welcome at that building.

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If you are not on disability I wouldn’t expect them to take you.

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