What do intrusive thoughts feel like

It is a good description of it. Simple amd easy to read of what is a complex reality.

For me, how the conscous and subconscious mind have gone out of their way to stop the unconscious memories is flabberghasting and much to my detriment in the long term.

I know now, but it seems my consious and subsconscious mind have undermined me for decades.

For others, it is well worth reading the link. :slight_smile:

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I get a lot of them. Most are violent or just malevolent.

Intrusive thoughts are foreign thoughts that I have no control over and which are usually violent and not mine but Alien’s. My own thoughts I have control over.

I can relate to some of what’s been mentioned. Intrusive thoughts are difficult to deal with. I haven’t had them in awhile. One time I did it was hearing a voice over and over again insulting me in the same way. It made me feel like ■■■■. I couldn’t control it. The thought would just not get out of my head.

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