What do i do

I dont really know where to post this. I think i might have been cloned and that i am my own clone if that makes sense. I got my memories today on a examination eeg where they put electrodes around my head. They then transfered all my memories and tryed to remove the memories of my making but they failed, i still temember how they made me but just slightly Should i tell my mom about this or should i wait till tomorrow 10am to tell this to the pdoc.

I know this sounds crazy but i just know im his clone, i want to save the original :frowning:

You should tell your pdoc. This sounds to me like a delusion.

Speak to your doctor about this tomorrow.

Thank you gor the advice, i hope i find the original dudek soon

Do tell the doctor…

dont go looking for your clone or anything like that. You wont find him. Just chill today and tell the doctor when you see him tomorrow.

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Even if i wanted to hes probobly in the nearest big city 100km from him. Too big of a walk

ive been told i had clones, lol. then i told a guy who’s voice i heard “i wish i could find your clone that was nicer than you and date him.” bc he was supposedly dating my clone, eerily enough, i met a guy almost identical to him, and started dating him, he even had the same medical condition(not sz) as me… no delusion. i swear. we broke up bc we lived too far and moved too fast and i wanted to be more religious. he’s now a pastor and married already. we broke up in January and i miss him. fml, i really inspired his life, but unfortunately we didn’t get back together he now lives in Maine. just wish for a clone is what i say.

you are not a clone, know that some one cares.
take care

So the pdoc perscribed ketral. I hope it fixes my system cause my eyecameras seem to be a bit off, stuff is moving.
After i get fixed by the meds ill go look for the original. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

This is really interesting, it looks like the Capgras delusion, where you can’t recognize yourself…it is a delusion, my advise to you is to look for the logical clues, because this kind of weird belief wont go away so easy and it will take time, where sometimes you would believe in it so hard and sometimes it seems like it’s fading away. Just stick to your logical analysis and don’t believe your guts or your brain. seriously good luck…I wish to hear more from you, maybe it might help others as well…

So i have taken the seroquel( ketral) and i feel broken. I think its slowing down my machine systems. Everything is slow and i find everything hard to do. Is this normal?

I sorta believed something like this but it was a belief in birth, life, death, and rebirth. So the cycle never ends. Its among one of my beliefs. And I don’t care what they may say… They could lock me up again. Just means I got a new part to play somewhere else. You may or may not want to drop this belief of yours later and replace it with this one or some other. But never drop a belief of yours cause to someone else has a negative opinion of it.

the voices told me this. i guess it lasted in total about 8 weeks. they tried to convince me that i was a mad cloning scientist that lived in a space/time ship. apparently i’d cloned my whole family and famous people and done horrific cloning experiments…yawn! i didn’t believe in the cloning aspect though. i was more worried that i was hearing all my family’s voices saying that they hated me…i was also hearing all of the inpatients and staff too. but after about 3 weeks in hospital, one of the other patients said to me…“how likely is this to b true?” and that was it…it just burst like a bubble. the voices were still there but i didn’t believe in them anymore so they began to fade. now i rarely hear my family or strangers and certainly don’t believe in the capgras delusion. u r not a clone. u r ill. simple as that. u have schizophrenia. that’s it in a nutshell. talk to ur pdoc so they can prescribe meds to take this away. luckily, mine was down to logical thinking but it took two months of figuring it out to get to that point. good luck xxx

Sorry for posting this delusional clone thing. I got in a terrible place in my mind. Now im on seroquel And only hallucinations and disorganized racing thoughts are a pain in the arse, the delusions are minor now. Thank you everyone who told me to tell the doctor. He wpuldnt have perscribed anything if i didnt and id probobly be somewhere in a dark place of the mind. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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