Capgras delusion

i once had it. my voices tried to convince me that my whole family and other patients and psychiatric staff were all clones that i’d created on my space/time ship. it started off with just the voices doing impressions of friends and family and then just mushroomed into them all being clones and wanting to burn me alive, rape me, dismember me whilst alive…some of the most horrific things u could ever imagine and everyone was in on it. i could hear them all in my head, plotting my torture, because i’d made all these clones through horrific experiments…they even accused me of cloning my own children. the whole episode lasted about 6 months but the cloning bit only lasted 3 weeks, until one of the other inpatients said to, how likely is this to be true? just in that one question was the key to my liberation from the whole episode. it burst like a bubble and has never returned. has anyone else suffered this delusion?

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Never had capgras.

But how much you want to bet some cloning is going down.

Did i ever tell you that my father looks exactly like david koresh?

I don’t know man, wierd ■■■■ is going on, we can just assume that.