What did you think psychosis was before you got ill? Before and after?

What did you think psychosis was before you got ill yourself? What did you think about psychotic people?

I thought that psychosis was temporary. That you had it and then it was gone. I was disappointed when doc told me no, that I needed meds. I was like when will this sh-it end!?

I never thought psychotic people as being “crazy” ! I was like it’s a temporary malfunction of the brain that resolves on its own.

Now I know that once you have a psychotic break it’s very hard to recover and that one needs meds probably for life.

I also know that in most cases it’s genetic, combined with trauma or drugs.

I never looked down on people with Sz though.

Once I saw a man with sz screaming and shouting things to himself on the street when I wasn’t aware. I felt sorry for him but didn’t think of it more than that.

Later on, when I got sick, I did the same in my apartment. I screamed and shouted sometimes in the middle of the night, walking back and forth in my apartment.

What was your thoughts about Sz and psychosis?


I honestly don’t know/remember .

I wasn’t thinking of it and I think I lacked awareness.

I did see a beautiful mind but didn’t pay much attention.


Im similar to jonathan2, mostly i thought it was just what youd expect of “insanity” in the traditional sense. I guess since then it hasn’t changed for me. The only difference is that previously i thought it was psychological and could be amended by things like therapy. Now however, i know its not.


I didn’t want to dwell on it. I didn’t want to be part of the mental health system.


If I were psychotic I would not take care about myself or not care about people I love, my problem/ condition is improbable I can not explain it to anyone, no one understands.

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I am so hurt by everything. My body and mind is. If you knew about it, it would make you scream.

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I didnt really understand the medical side of it. Even though i was surrounded by sz and psychotic people regularly before getting unwell the first time. I just thought ‘crazy’ i think back then. But now im much more educated about it since having it for 13 and 1/2 years.

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I used to think psychosis was like a really bad panic attack or that you only saw visual hallucinations.


Before I was ill I didn’t know the word psychosis existed.


I can’t remember. I never thought about it.

I do suspect my ex had paranoia. He for example would suddenly draw a knife and say a random stranger was stalking us. Or if I accidently looked a man in the eye on the streets, he would be convinced I knew him and had sex with him, when we were far abroad in a place I never even visited. I mainly thought: wth are you doing. You frighten me. And you act weird. Stop it. I was puzzled and confused, wondering what was wrong. I dissociated and went into survival mode. I wanted to reach and help him.

It would have helped a whole lot, if I had known what was wrong. I think he didn’t even know himself though.

Now, psychotic people do not frighten me at all. I can be a lot more kind and understanding to them.


I just started thinking that the whole world knew who I was, I never questioned it…after my first psychotic episode I thought it was just a “nervous breakdown” and unfortunately stopped taking me meds…allowed me to be insane for the rest of the year and it was enough to give me a good book to write…that’s the only good that came from it…once I realized that my mind had been lying to me I got really angry at first, then depressed.


I didnt even know what it was. When i had psychosis i thought everyone else was nuts cuz they wouldnt believe me


I had no idea. I got insidious onset. I just slid into major psychosis over a week or so. I thought I was ok and there were all these other things going on but I was floridly psychotic looking back on it. When I was told it was probably sz I thought I was developing multiple personalities. I was totally clueless.


I remember I was in a restaurant with my friend whilst mid psychosis, as we walked there, I told her ppl were talking about me behind us on the streets, strangers.

She knew it anyway, as I turned around and was cursing them.

In the restaurant she told me that she thinks I have schizophrenia. I don’t remember how I responded but in my mind I was thinking she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.


I didn’t think about it. For overall mental illnesses I thought I was immune to it. It was something that happened to others not me.

And for treatment part I used believe were perfect. That they cured your illness. Boy I was in for a surprise.

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Had no clue what psychosis was, really.

Afterwards? I still didn’t believe it was psychosis what I was experiencing.

Took me a long time to get help.

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I didn’t know it existed.


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