Sz perspective

What did you know about sz and psychosis before you got it?
I knew nothing, I never took care of my mental health
I only heard of sz in movies with a scary character
I would hear people call their ex psychotic when they hacked their Facebook
I wish there was a mental health advocacy to help people see that mental health is just as important as physical health, maybe I could have avoided getting this illness if I knew anything about it.


I knew it was bad because of the way people used the word.

Something crazy or nonsensical was called schizo or whatever.

But I was pretty used to the idea by the time I got my diagnosis.

I’ve been in treatment of some kind since twelve.

I don’t think knowledge of the illness can prevent it,

Is that what you’re saying?

I’m not sure I had a good idea of what it was before I had it.

When I was 14/15 I heard three voices for about a minute. It came with pure, raw fear, and I lost my vision for this minute. They were very different from the voices I hear today. For a long time, when I was suffering from depression or agoraphobia or whatever, I would think sometimes, “well at least I avoided sz somehow.”

Even when I started to hear voices 24/7, I was not at all convinced it was sz or even psychosis. I knew what sz was, and this wasn’t it.

I feel pretty foolish now. I didn’t know anything.


I had no idea what was wrong with me, and nobody around me knew any warning signs.

First time I actually heard the word ever used in my life was when I was told I might have it at 17.

For some reason my first psychosis was sort of brushed under the carpet, and it wasn’t until I had full blown SZ that they told me I had it.

They did all sorts of tests and scans at the general hospital before they sent me to the mental hospital.

I do not have any memory of this happening.

My mother said I was kept restrained in isolation because I was completely out of my mind

Pretty scary stuff, and I am actually glad I don’t remember it, as it would have scarred me mentally even more than I am already

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Unlikely. There’s lots of good information now about healthy lifestyles, eating etc. but obesity, diabetes etc. is still going up worldwide

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Isn’t that the truth! You can tell someone to avoid fast food and soda to improve health and they will say you’re wrong and drink even more soda and eat even more fast food lol, humans are the most irational beings, I’m not perfect but dang i can’t believe humans have lived as long as we have.

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