How did your sz start and how long did the program take?

I think mine developed very fast. I started becoming obsessed with things and paranoid and not sleeping or eating.

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I had issues for ever it seems and had a depressive break at 23. The psychotic part was like sliding out of reality over a couple of weeks. I just ended up in strangeville but luckily got off work and moved home to my parents…It took some time to get the meds right for me in recovery. That was painful but worth the effort and time.

Hmmm… mine slowly crept in over the coarse of 7 months I’d say.

Do you guys think its possible to have very minor symptoms then have a sudden deterioration and get unwell really fast? @Human and @rogueone

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Yes. It’s totally possible and happens. Doctors get an idea of things and sz tends to be pretty easy to diagnose when your psychotic. The prodromal or early phases it can be hard.

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I kind of am a bit mad @rogueone because I was really unwell in 2015 when it became bad and kept on getting put in hospital and being picked up by the police which was completely abnormal for me. Then they just blamed a personality disorder and from 2016 to now I still hold the same beliefs and they should have medicated me back then but now I’m suffering because they didn’t do their jobs right

Yeah hearing that. It’s tough. People can still present as pretty normal and that makes it hard. Then there’s a health system that is struggling because it all costs money and if you don’t have it the quality of care to you can be pretty poor.

I know it’s hard but getting well now is the priority. Sort that out first then move from there. My depressive break at 23 I was still pretty paranoid. I wonder if ap’s could have helped me then but that is life. I don’t really dwell on what was or could be. Stay present and what you can do now.


Yes true. Do you present normal @rogueone ? Because people can’t tell there’s something wrong with me unless a) I’m having an anxiety attack or b) i try cut off the hands or mostly c) i open my mouth and speak about whats on my mind. Is this normal?

Yeah I can present as very normal even when psychotic. Once I speak and tell them some things then it’s always obvious to the numerous people I ran into. I think I was classically paranoid sz. I think what you are experiencing is very normal for our community. Most of us are in the same boat.

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Its nice to hear from someone who experienced this too. My team think I’m not psychotic because I am coherent then I get confused when they chop and change and say one thing then the next. Like they say oh you’re a different type of sz because you don’t have cognitive decline. @rogueone do you have to have cognitive decline to be sz? Sorry I know your not a doctor but I have all these questions and talking to someone who actually experiences it is much better than any doctor tbh


My first psychosis was triggered by LSD and weed

It started when I was about 16 years old. I ended up in front of a judge who must have been having a bad day or something, and I yelled at her that I thought I was being controlled by al qaeda and I was constantly being disruptive in the court room

She sent me to the young offenders institute for 12 months, but immediately I was sent to the mental health hospital wing at a specialist centre. I was back in front of a more senior judge within a month, and he released me into the community, where I ended up in a local hospital, and given a 12 month rehab order.

This rehab order changed my life, as I got clean.

At the time my psychiatrist wanted to diagnose me with SZ, but they were not sure if it would return or not due to the amount of drugs in my system

Couple of years later I stopped my AP, and within a couple more years (23 I think) things went to ■■■■ again and here I am!

I have lost in some places and gained in others. I’ve always been social so I can hide a lot of deficits so I guess it all depends on your symptoms and your function. If your not living a life and ap’s help you then I think your in the right place. Labels aren’t really that big a deal these days but treatment with the right meds really is.

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I had the belief that while I was sleeping the military programmed my mind so I stayed awake for a few days,then I started to get paranoid and my family had to take me to the hospital.


I honestly don’t know how fast or slow it started and there was no program, just treatment for as long as I needed it. Which was about 6 years in total and 2 years after I got diagnosed.

From age 20-22 i was either experiencing psychosis or dissociation. Everything was warped. Around age 23 i did a bunch of ectasy got messed up. A few months after Decided to go be a camp councelor for a church to get my head straight. i started getting psychosis just before that and then had a total break about 5 months after that.

Primordial symptoms showed up at 16ish, then grandeur upto 21, paranoia 22, psychosis between 22 and 23 which carried on till now; 25. Episodic. I’ve more or less recovered my behaviour control to a sensible level, cognition needs some work and physical symptoms like tiredness or emotion control needs work too.

officially I’m psychotic disorder - bipolar type

Last hospitalision the dr wrote paranoid schizophrenia. The system recognises the bipolar type psychotic disorder though.

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looking back i had early symptoms when i was very young already but i didn’t know anything was wrong cause it was normal to me… it’s only when things got really bad that they send me to the psych ward first time and then the whole journey of diagnosis started and i only found out what was wrong with me like a bit before my second psych ward but by then things were really bad already…

I just started hearing voices, but I didn’t really think that much about it. I had heard about that. I knew that my mother was schizophrenic, but she never talked about her symptoms. I worked for about 6 years afterwards. Then started having problems where I couldn’t stand being at work, because different people were always trying to bother me. I would get stressed out and feel like I was going to collapse, towards the end.

Yes it can definitely happen like that, i had the diagnosis for about 3 years before I experienced severe symptoms but once they started coming on they got very bad over the course of a couple months following a situation I put myself in that I was awake for 11 days straight, since that experience about a year ago the symptoms have just progressed seemily dependent on how well I’m taking care of myself

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