What did you get to do today that you liked?

I got to go at my own pace as I was home alone. I had coffee, listened to some music, did some reading, took a walk and a nap. We went out for dinner. I continued to smoke today.

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Eat fried scallops for lunch.

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I learn to use an operational function on ms exel, so that I don’t need to ask someone to demonstrate it to me.


i played on my Kindle…Angry Birds Star Wars…it was a lot of fun…

hugs to all

I got to replant seedlings in the green house at work. I really like working in the green houses. It’s really exciting too see all the new types of flowers and ferns and tiny trees that are going to grow up and be planted outside soon. :rose: :sunflower: :hibiscus: :deciduous_tree: :cherry_blossom: :cherries:

We also have some very steep hills that need some weed control and the city is finally going to do what other cities around here have done… Hire a goat guy. :goat:

9-11 goats can do in 4 hours safely what it would take a whole crew of work men to do in two days which is somehow find a secure roping system, repel a bit and take care of the invasive vines and ivy that is choking out some of our trees. Goats can graze and trees can get bigger.

I got to meet a goat keeper. It was really interesting. He makes a very good wage taking his goats from city park to city park to graze down all the vines, and he sells the goat cheese.


I watched the snow melt out side my room as I play a tune on my guitar wondering why I’m alone on a cold spring day when the flower wore not in bloom.

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its hard remembering and its only 5pm :frowning:

i think i went out somewhere, oh yeah i saw my befriendee for an hour

then my friends went shopping for me as i havent been able to lately and i’m hoping she will do the dishes if she comes over tonight,

i think i am watching my sisters kids tonight as well so that will give me something to do.

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I really enjoy my nieces and nephews. They are all still little kids. How old are yours? I hope you have a good evening.

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Im exploring the ins and outs of envy and enjoying it very much.

Also had a good laugh with my brother about the movie the lost boys, when michael was brought to the vampires hang out they offered him some chinese food, while eating they asked him “how are those maggots?”, He said “huh?” and looked down and his container was full of icky maggots, he freaked out and threw them down. (vampire hallucination by the way/ a major symptom of schizophrenia)

So i was joking about it and presented the idea that some tribes love eating things like that, that would be a wonderful meal to them, had it been one of those guys they would have grinned and said “wow! maggots! thats much better than the rice i thought i was eating! Thanks!”

12 and 14 :slight_smile: 2 boys, luckily i have a computer xbox and some cool games that they can play as i dont play it much anymore lol, i dont watch the tv much but i think i’ll watch it a bit more if they are watching something and they are ok because last time i watched them a couple of weeks ago it was ok.

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I went to Walmart and got a big bag of reese’s pieces, ate half of it and got nauseous. I also got some chicken and it’s cooking the the crock pot.

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Now that I’ve got a good video card, I’ve been playing games again. Played a little Civilization V and some Tribes: Ascend.

I woke up. That’s always good for me.

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Actually today and yesterday were terribly bad for me, I was so angry and things have been going down…and yesterday was a little better than today…I guess
I can remember few positive things, it’s getting better anyway…

I finally made some tea this afternoon + got my caffeine fix.

I got to take 3 2-mile walks. It’s was warm and sunny and perfect for being outside. Very positive day!



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played some f1 2013. my friend brought over his wheel and i love to play it. smoked weed too.
i guess life could be worse.

at least i don’t have to work, what a drag that would be. not that staying at home is much better.

I got myself to workout even after eating some Valentine chocolate. I have worked out 2 days in a row.

Got my Yoga Journal magazine in the mail today and I have been reading that too. I used to love yoga but got away from it now for many years. Good to be back at it in a little way. Tomorrow I will do a yoga video.

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