Unproductive day today, what about u?

after waking at 4.30am i got my son ready and took him to school, took my daughter to work, picked up my son and that’s about it. the weather has been too awful to go to the woods and i’ve missed it. apart from that, i loaded the dishwasher twice and that’s it. on the plus side the voices haven’t been too bad today so although not a productive day it’s been quite nice. here’s hoping i get a lay in till 6am tomorrow.

I did a little weed-clearing while the cleaning ladies were here. Before that - down to the line putting my apt in order. Thought of a good way to cut back on nicotine gum. So I guess I got more done than usual.

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i made the world a better place too live in.

well i probably didnt yet i like too believe it

i went to the pretrol station/store…etc it is in the middle of know where, they are droving cattle along the road so it took longer but it gives me more time to look at the country side and appreciate nature.
i needed milk for my coffee !!
take care

I went to the pdoc got a shot, then went to a friends house. Came home and talked to my honey.

just had a shower after 2 days…man i felt grubby!