So what did u achieve today?

i took the dogs to the woods, cooked my son and his friend pancakes (made from scratch), cleaned the griddle, sides and chopping board in the kitchen. soon i’m going to have a shower or bath and brush my teeth. i didnt clean the lounge or sweep the stairs and i haven’t washed the dog blanket but there’s still time for that i guess. did u manage anything today?

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Wow, that’s quite a lot. I managed to take my morning medicine.

Buy shampoo at CVS pharmacy.

i got a bone out of my neighbours dogs mouth which was stuck, the dog was freaking out.
to be honest if i get out of bed and manage to walk i am having a good day, i walk with the aid of a walking stick, half the time .
take care

I made my bed. made coffee to drink
cleaned some counters bagged some garbage.
made two phone to a friend and one to a enemy.

ate lunch took a nap

found some things i had packed and thought was lost forever

now i am posting until i pick a good movie for tonite

oh yeah, making a list for tomorrow things to do

I’m glad you called your enemy.

I made a tuna casserole.

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Just made myself a sandwich, with honey in it. Have also been with my cat, Bubba.

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I was able to make that meal.
I didn’t need to answer the phone… didn’t ring today.
Went on the usual Sunday adventure with my sister. We do this every Sunday. Today we went to the zoo. It was practically empty. :relieved:


Very cute! :smile: What kind animal is that?

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It’s a camel named Curley… You can tell he’s very shy… :wink:

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so i never got around to taking my shower. i’l have one in the morning b4 my mum comes. but i did brush my teeth and load the dishwasher. tomorrow is housework day as my daughter and her boyfriend r having a new years eve party here on tuesday night. so i need to get the place straight for that. i’ll b making a buffet and getting ever so slightly drunk i think.

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I cut my hair and then took a shower after I realized I smelled horrible. Oh, I also fixed a burner on the stove. Today was a relatively productive day.


woke up, drank coffee, spent hours on forums and then went and got food and watched anime at a friends house. Bout to watch more anime. I love anime.


Went to Mom’s to cut and shampoo her poodle (! My first time!), we had lunch and washed the dishes, argue a bit with my brother. Got dinner.
Now watching TV and posting online.

He’s smiling. Yes, he’s smiling.

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6 loads of laundry. Cleaned the interior of my car. Chores and cooking.

Try Bisquick! Easier, faster, and tastes pretty much the same as from scratch. For that matter, a product called ‘Kruestzafs’ , all you do is add water and it makes great pancakes.

they don’t sell those in the uk do they? there is an american shelf at my local tesco but it’s mainly poptarts and cereals and “candy” bars. anyway, i prefer to make my own, makes me feel i’ve achieved something a mum should b able to do u know? like make pastry or yorkshire puddings, cauliflower cheese, banoffee pie, those types of things. not that i have the energy most of the time but pancakes take 5 mins to prep and 5 mins to cook. note to self…dont use the hot plate for cooking pancakes! it doesnt get hot enough to cook them quickly.

I don’t know if they have those in the U.K. I see your point about it feeling more like an accomplishment. But I would think that a pancake mix would make you feel like making pancakes more often. But yeah, I would rather make cookies from scratch to take to family celebrations than just bringing a a box of packaged cookies I bought at the store. So, yeah, I see your point.

I cleaned and cooked supper. And cleaned some more now relaxing watching The Big Bang Theory.