What did you get accomplished today?

Today I cleaned my room got coffee and a energy drink and smoked about a pack of ciggarettes. Now I’m waiting to get a massage at massage envy. Medication took the voices away for a couple hours

not a whole lot today but after 3 hours sleep and a marathon day yesterday, i don’t mind so much. i took my son to school, did some food shopping, changed my bed, did two loads of washing and drying, picked up the days poos from the garden, and guided my son through cleaning up after his incontinent cat and picked him up from school. so not much but a little nonetheless.

Does the cat have a litter box…does it get cleaned out often? Sometimes that’s the cause of that problem.

I had one cat that liked to pee by the doors to outside. No matter what she seemed to mark her spot, and she was “fixed” as well. Then we got 4 kittens all from same litter, and they started doing it too.
It wasn’t because the box was not clean, they did it when all the boxes were freshly cleaned.
I got a large, square, shallow tray intended to train puppies (not sure for what) but it had low sides on it, I filled it with about an inch of litter, then put it by the door to my backyard.
What do you know, it worked, never had to clean up pee off the floor again.

i have litter boxes, all cleaned out regularly. the vet said she has a paranoid personality disorder and it’s incurable. the reason she pees is to mark her territory. on the kitchen side is by the window so if another cat looks in the window, she’ll pee here, and by the front door. any new thing left on the floor gets peed on, anything fabric, shopping bags…i mean “anything”. my son’s school bag, duvets, shoes. she can’t handle anything new coming in to the house at all. even the weekly shop has to b unpacked straight away or she’ll pee on that. she’s not a happy cat at all. i pick up a new drug for her tomorrow called zilkin as the xanax is so bitter tasting she wont eat it. fingers crossed this works. i don’t want to put her down but the animal shelters won’t take her as she can’t b rehomed with her peeing problems so if this drug doesn’t work i won’t have much of a choice but to put her down. have u ever tried living with the stench of cat pee? it’s awful and she pees everywhere. i’m forever cleaning it up and i’m at my wits end tbh. so if this drug doesn’t work that’s it i’m afraid. :frowning:

poor cat, maybe she should come on here lol, give her a mew from me lol,

seriously tho my sister had a cat with the same problem, it peed on dish clothes and peoples clothes my sister had to do the honourable thing and so she took it to a good nieghbourhood and just left it, she couldn’t have it put down so she set it free, i think it would have got fed by some of those people in that nieghbourhood. she recentely got a new cat but it doesnt have that problem.

if i thought she could take care of herself i would but she can’t so it doesn’t look like i have much of a choice…still…i’m picking up her new tablets tomorrow so we’ll c how she goes xxx

My cat did the same thing peeing on most everything, especially by the front, back, and patio doors.
Bet the large shallow litter tray with some litter in it is cheaper than those tablets, and I have seen the difference.
I know I’m not a vet, but your cat sounds just like a regular cat to me.

I walked 13 blocks there and 13 back and rode the train to get my diabetes bloodwork. The A1c was 6.8, within the normal range - 6 being desired. I started out at 12.1.


Woke up early, way too early, sat around and waited for my pdoc appointment where I got my meds adjusted, went over to the hospital for an ECG, came home made dinner, listened to some music, watched a couple of television shows and now I’m here.

Seems like time flew by today. Hopefully going shopping on Saturday and then it’s back to the pdoc on Thursday.

had one of the worst migraines ever today. tried every drug prescribed but nothing touched it and then as if by magic, it went…just like that! weird. so obvs didnt get anything done today…not good. still there’s always tomorrow.

Honestly… not much today.

The kid sis and I both have the day off; so after a bit of unexpected family drama last night, we haven’t done much but get out for some lunch on the beach, swim, and clean the flat up.

I finished my home work and posted it on time.

Later around 10:00 p.m. it will be shopping for the week. It’s so warm today it’s too easy to be lazy. I’m here typing and watching animal videos on youtube and the kid sis got some sheet music from the library and is on the piano.

Afternoons like this make me glad I’m lucid and med compliant. Content. :relieved:

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Went to my Dr’s + got some meds switched so they’d be cheaper. Stood in a long line to pick it up. Went to In n Out + ate my hamburgers in a corner w/my back to the crowd. Enjoyed. Went to Target and bought my monthly supply of nicotine. gum. They changed the shampoo and conditioner I use. What’ll Happen?!!!