What can I talk about with my new therapist?

I’ve decided to be very honest and open with this new therapist.
I didn’t feel so comfortable with my last therapist.
She wouldn’t ask me any questions really.

This new therapist seems eager to help me.
She asks a lot of questions but I really don’t know how to approach her really.

What should I tell her?

I mean it’s difficult to talk away your problems when they are based on a biological based illness?

How can she help me?


I was supposed to be making a ‘plan’ for my life with my previous therapist.

But I didn’t want to so I canceled my therapy appointments indefinitely.

What kind of plan would you make when you don’t work and nothing ever changes?

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Start from the beginning… or your family’s beginning or history. You’re the customer too don’t forget…that should take pressure off of you.

there’s probably a boat load of stuff you could potentially talk about I’m willing to guess!

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I would suggest your tendency to overthink illness.

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What do you mean @anon4362788?

I mean, you tend to catastrophize over small things.

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Yeah this is what my father says too.
I will mention this and how I worry about everything.

But how can she address this?
How can she help me get over this?

I’ve already gone through CBT with my past therapist and it didn’t really help. @ZombieMombie

You don’t need to decide in advance what is it that you want to talk about. That will happen over time.

You can’t talk away bad genes but that’s only a relatively small part of the picture. There is plenty a good therapist can do even with psychotic disorder sufferers.

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Sometimes it’s not important how they help you, just that you are getting something out of the conversation. Ask her questions about herself. Build a rapport.

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Yeah I’m going to ask her questions too.

To be honest, what helps me is my Lion’s mane extract for the worst of it. I still have the constant background worry. So I don’t know, aside from really putting hard work in on changing your mindset and approach to thinking about adversity.


Thanks @anon4362788 @anon99082702 @NotSeksoEmpirico @anon64158233 @Rabbit_Farmer


I’ve found they are reluctant to tell you what you should do,

but I’ve gotten encouragement over good things I say.

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Anyone is going to be better than my last therapist.
She was the worse.

I don’t know why I stuck with her for all those years?

I used to make plans with my therapist about exercising and working to make money. I already tried that by myself and failed, it still failed with her. She said I can’t be helped. I guess I don’t need therapy but maybe it can benefit you as some benefit from it. I guess it depends on personality maybe, some ppl get energy from external sources like a therapist but I don’t as I already do that by myself.

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Yes thanks @Daze

Actually I know how to help myself.
I can’t live without an AP.

But maybe she could be supportive like my caseworker and psychiatrist are.

My last therapist was not supportive.

She actually did more harm.

She ghosted me.

Broke off all contact with me.

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For me therapy was for negative symptoms as its my only issue and it didn’t work.

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I worry and catastrophize things all the time.
My main issues are negative symptoms and multiple fears.



I recommend working on your coping skills. That’s what I did first.

She’ll try to get to know you, but you may want to make a list.

Is she doing CBT?

Good luck, bro!

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