I dont think therapy helps me anymore

I’m not sure if it’s mytherapist or me. But since I was diagnosed with schizophrenia from my pdoc I havent had a lot to discuss in talk therapy. Most of my problems seem to be more chemical now. Not that I’m cured because I’m not and I still have thoughts to work on but I feel like I know how to handle them. So maybe it’s time for me to talk to her about discontinuing therapy. I’ve been in it since 2012 so I’m a bit nervous


You could give it a break and always come back to it if you come up with more that needs to be discussed. I’m giving mine a break right now cos my anxiety to talk with her is sky high atm


I would cut down on frequency. I find more things to talk about when you haven’t met in a longer time. How often do u see ur therapist


I was seeing her weekly for a while but dropped down to every other week. About to make it once a month or something


Lol my therapist pretty much told me I don’t need therapy at the end. Obviously not in a blunt offensive way, but it was just like. Woah. I thought you guys always wanted more sessions.

I guess she must have been booked up and I was one more booking in her schedule she didn’t need.

At some point therapy runs its course and either you’re ready to branch off or you still have more you need to work through.

For me, she was more of an emotional sponge so I guess I got the most important stuff off my chest.

If you need more constructive stuff then that, then I reckon its a good fit for ya.

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That’s exactly how I feel but I’m wondering if I just need a new therapist. Mine did say that she hasn’t had much experience or success treating sz. But at the same time it’s just like what more could I say? I hallucinate and have delusions off meds but not so much now. I have social anxiety and low self esteem but I know how to work on those and I am slowly. The best reason I can use a therapist is for bouncing off relational issues, like with my girlfriend family or friend issues. Because im.pretty clueless with that.

I’m in the exact same boat. I do get occasional thoughts of paranoia, but my problem is more chemical based.

I wasn’t getting much out of therapy with my last therapist so I decided to drop her.
I am taking a break right now and not currently in therapy with anyone.

I may see someone my psychiatrist recommended but I’m not sure.

Lots of crappy therapists out there.

What are you currently struggling with? What do you want from therapy that it actually provides you, vrs what you want it to do, that it doesn’t?

Maybe be realistic with your goals on that, and go from there.

For me, therapy was a good way to constructively deal with some family problems that were upsetting me. After I’d pretty much done as much as I could do on that, I didn’t have anything that was left, and my therapist keyed in on that fairly well and I think ethically decided I didn’t need more work.

The place I go to recommends working in therapy for 6 weeks to a year, and then taking a year off to work on newly learned skills. If after a year you still have more to work on go back for another 6 weeks to a year with or without the same person.

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I’ve been seeing my therapist for 14 months and I feel I could stop now to apply what I’ve learned. However it’s free by insurance and I’m still benefiting and enjoying it and it gives me structure so I’m gonna keep going


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