What can I do to convince myself that I'm having a delusion(besides medicine)

What the caption says.

Therapy helps. A good therapist or psychologist can walk you through your delusion


Besides medicine, you can listen to all the people that believe it’s a delusion. Listen to logic. I know how hard it is to break out of a delusion without medication doing most of the heavy lifting though. So I dunno if you will ever be convinced without working AP’s.

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Ok but what if my only logic is that I can’t find a camera? What about the fact that I hear people talking about me?

A camera implanted in your body would only be able to see the inside of your body. It would not be able to record you. A camera placed on the surface of your body you would be able to find.

In all likelihood, you just believe they are talking about you when they really are not. Hearing someone say something like “did you hear about that girl that…” doesn’t necessarily mean they are talking about you. It could be any girl.Do you ever hear them mention you BY NAME?


If you are diagnosed with schizophrenia and everyone says it is a delusion, it is in 99,99% of cases.


Yes I hear them say my name and they talk directly to me.

Can you give me an example of what they say?

If your telling me that someone you don’t know suddenly comes up to you and says “your name, I saw what you did on T.V. last night” well then, I don’t have an easy explanation for this. Maybe you hallucinate it? I can see why you would have a hard time dismissing your delusion if this is the case. But, it still stands to reason that its a delusion. What you are describing is not possible. The camera impossibility should give you some pause in believing in it. And why would everyone be so interested in your life anyway? Anyway, I’d be interested in an example of what people have said to you anyway when you find the time so I can do my best to give you my opinion.

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