What are your voices names?

One of my voices said its name is Pan

I don’t name any of mine, though in the past I had two males - named Jacob & Nico. The last “surviving” character of the bunch that flatly demands to have a name is Joel.

He’s sort of an “incubus” type of character, always mad or angry, looking disgruntled, but really young looking as well. He is a good looking fellow, will admit, smooth shaven & twink-like, but I don’t want to play games like that or with that right now. Let me die in peace & then talk to me about things.

I’ve never named them.

They have thousands of names.

I wish i would have said something to pan when he showed up. I was terrified though and in alot of pain and when i saw a half goat guy i just didn’t know what to say. I wish i would have said something though.

Someone please name your voice Freddy Mercury.

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Mine don’t have names… they have personas…

The panic man…
The commenter
The good doctor
the little girl… (the worst and the most scary)

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I heard a lot of voices. One of them claimed to be an angel named excelsior though.

Mine say stuff like rhes guys

Which I am slowly but surley trying to change or get rid of even though it can be funny sometimes.

I didn’t name my voices. He named himself Pan. Your half goat guy.same thing.

Yeah, pan is all over the world.

Frying pans, pandemics, panics, pan-am, bread is pan sometimes. Pan pan pan pan pan pan…

Im still wondering if i got the physical encounter or if it was only an illusional encounter. If someone was standing next to me would they have seen him to or was he just making me see him. Looked totally physical, cool illusion if that is the case.

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I’m talking about the half goat guy…I have one named Nicodemus…in three years they haven’t named themselves. Just started…

My wooly mammoth found "snuffy " appealing and ended up being a kind soul in the nether


If I was going to give my voices names, I would give them my name.

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My voices have told me thir names. I did not name tem. One is Michelle and my guardian angel is Jerek.

Pan and Argo. Paul

I call mine a good influence and it is God but he does not command me he just guides me through life and its many decisions and things like that, its perfectly normal, you all just need to concentrate on the good, acknowledge the good and disregard the rest. Sounds easy, well it can be I guess, block out all the nonsense.

“Whats your name dude?” I asked.

“Satan man, we’ve been over this. You can call me toby though if you’d prefer. Call me anything it doesn’t matter.” It responded. “You should watch the new one about us coming out, people love that ■■■■ for some reason, at least until it really happens right?! It has some of your symptoms in it, you might be interested to see it from that angle.”

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I’m having a hard day. I’m weary of sz.

They called themselves various things

The collective
Your brain
The Father
Dead relatives like grandpa’s
Aliens from distant galaxies

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For me it’s a cochophony* of scattered voices of people all around me commenting and talking about me even when they don’t no me. Walking through a crowd is hell for me cause I think I have a bad aura and the whole crowd is talking about me I still can’t do it. I also have visual problems I have famous artist’s on my walls and I I think they are grinning in a menacing way at me but I don’t really care anymore it’s good for my art