Did you name your voices or did they name themselves?

Mine all told me their names themselves. One recently did, after I’ve had him for 20 years and only known him as “The Priest”.

I know a guy whose voices refused to name themselves, so he did, and I know a girl whose voices refuse to name themselves AND they forbid her from giving them names.

So I’m curious how it works for others.

Also, mine are
Mia, Azelia, Chris, Viktor, Blank, The Priest (Aamund), and The Audience.


I just got a very strong feeling vibe of who the voices were so I named them after those people. One of them the main one kind of is a universal personality and can take shape of several people

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I recognized one of my voices as being Anthony my old work colleague, but the first voice I heard was this creepy oldish man. He was the personification of an IRA man. The first thing he told me was that it wasn’t in my head. The only way I figured out his name was when I was listening to him and a female IRA operative but then he suddenly stopped talking. That’s when the door next door opened and I could see from my window that out came an oldish creepy looking guy, the female voice then said ‘why is NOEL going out the front door’ so that’s why i attributed the name Noel to him. I always s thought My voice was this man (becuase I had seen him before) but I never knew his name

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Mine were ■■■■■ off”, “leave me alone”, and “go to hell.”


Mine told me their names as well.

Extremely negative ones:
He and She

Mediators, just sit there and do nothing:

There were three children but I don’t remember their names. I also see shadows that do not talk.

Theres one voice i named “vicky”. No idea how, it just fitted. Took me years to find out she wasnt real. I was bonkers un-medicated.

These days she is a distraction. And i ignoore “her”.

Isn’t it funny even though I’m a female I can hear a man’s voice from inside me

I have several men’s voices (as well as female), and one unisex.

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I’ve never named mine and they’ve never named themselves. 🤷

The bad ones change voices to scare me. When the children talked to me, they said: “I am sorry, we are not children anymore, and we also have been corrupted.”

When I used to go swimming I always used to hear all these happy children talking everywhere they were hallucinations, coming from all the kids in the swimming centre

I don’t recall any names. I had too many voices to count and I was so distressed by them that I was overwhelmed by it all which made me snap in the end.

All my relapses have luckily not gone far enough for them to take over again like they did the first and second times.

real people’s voices get stuck in my head. people I’ve gotten to know in real life, so im aware of their names. only one voice I don’t know and I call him “the witch doctor” because im powerless over him. if I got to know your voice, I would probably hallucinate that too, that’s a big reason why I stopped being social.

I’ve never heard voices but I did have a demon that would communicate telepathically. It gave me it’s name.

So you do hear voices,How would he communicate if you didn’t hear his voice?

Via thought insertion

I also have a telepathic voice, she’s “little girl”. and “mean man” and 2 other of my real name, “summer blank” and “winter blank” then another recurring voice that I don’t know the name of, a group of toddlers that cheer when something exciting is going on and then random other voices that chime in. But everything’s quiet right now.

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