I know the name of one of my voices

This morning one of my voices told me her name. Michelle. She is a kind voice.

Do you know the names of your voices?

Yeah, most of them. A few of them tell to much, including their work, home life, employees, dating stuff, pets, how they know the others…yeah, a bit to much.

I don’t know even if it was a he or a she ! I don’t hear it anymore, even when I had my relapse I never heard a word from it, I only know that it lives back in a country where I left, it can’t visit me anymore, it told me that it has more important person to follow, more important than me, lol ,in the past it visited me every few months, whispering very few words, two or three and then leaves…
I feel bad :frowning: it doesn’t visit me anymore

MIne don’t have names. But I’m sometimes so wrapped up in myself I forget to ask people their names… even the people in my head. So I have the hypnotist, the little girl, the good doctor, the panic man, the commentator, and a new one… the ponderer.

mine don’t have names like SurprisedJ but maybe i should ask ?
maybe all this time i have been rude ?
i guess to be honest it never occured to me !
take care

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mine all have names as they r the voices of real people but some of them i don’t recognise.

Most of them, yes. Cecilia and Gorathon are friendly, tom’s a jerk.

one voice said to me, ‘i am the lord your God there are no false Gods before me’’

one of mine has a name. I hated my voices that i heard. they put me though hell i don’t miss mine at all i hate them!!! It’s been 4 years and i pray to god that i never hear them again.

Two of my voices have names, Aaron and Devon. Then there is the woman who has yet to tell me her name but she’s dropped hints it starts with a r or a b.

Mine don’t have names, but I wish they did. They would be much easier to follow if I didn’t have to nickname them. My main guy is “the Controller” and my main woman is “the woman secretly in love with the Controller.”

Thank you everyonse for your answers. It feels easier to have a name. I can address her directly.

I know one is a writer. I don’t write books, but he does. I think he is the one responsible for the political stuff I hear.

maybe u shuld use his talent and let him help u write ur own book? just a thought.

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