What are your voices like?

To explain what my voices are like it’s as follows…

Some people hear voices outside their head and some inside. In my case the voices of Alien (male) and Sarah (female) are inside my head. They are not literally audible but silent yet also clear. They sound like inserted thoughts but conversational not just thoughts. They are not my thoughts but spirits in my head. Having silent yet clear conversations about me and with me. And I can sense when they laugh or whisper or scream.

Does it still qualify as voices if it’s silent “inserted thought-conversations”? How’s your voice experiences?

Also to talk of something else, I feel sometimes when making eye contact with others that they can read my mind. That my thoughts are made audible to them. Like thoughts can escape thru my head via my eyes. Is this thought broadcasting or something else?

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My voices are inside my head. They are not as audible as real voices coming from people in the outside world, but they can still scream at me. I can’t describe the type of sound they make, but even though it is not as loud as people’s voices, their screams are torturous.


I used to “hear” a soundless voice most of the time, but recently they are more like audible voices, although they are still unlike voices of real people. Occasionally I can tell that the voice is coming from my mind not from my head or an outside location, even though it still has volume and pitch like a real sound.

I Have Yet to Figure That One Out.

I Have Found That So Far, For Me, Personally. Thoughts Can Be Pulled Away. And Buried Very Quickly. Or!,

I Guess, As You Say, “inserted”.

I Have Had Visuals Kinda Pushed into My Realm of Visibility Within My Mind Theater. That Did Not Come From Anything I’ve Read or Seen.


It Left Me Only One Other Option.

Something Spiritual.

Now, Upon The Spiritual Planet of Things. I Have a Solid Understanding of All Within That Sphere of Reality.

The “inserted” Thoughts, Pictures And Such, I Don’t.

But All Sign’s Point to Spirituality.

And in The End, It Leads Back to The Original Foundation of Religion.


I’ll Get Back to The Forum When I Figure it Out.

Peace And Such… . … :100:

I mainly have internal voices too

My voices are external. I guess it helps my brain go along with my delusions.

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