Voices or Thoughts. Survey

How many of you truly hear voices, like a disembodied voice in your environment, and how many think there’s a thought, perhaps from another person, inside your head.

Voice in my right ear. Voices around me, mostly low to the ground. I hear them where they are.

Mine are telepathically projected thoughts from another person’s head. It’s high tech stuff, my voices. In my sickness there’s this belief that agencies have high tech wireless brain interacting stuff that they can do just by collecting biodata by a satellite…so yea I have thought projection a ton. Meds helped.

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I hear voices outside my head.

i get implanted thoughts. no voices, but i have had a few voices in the past

I’ve only heard a voice when I was deeply depressed (I call it dark depression) and it only called my name. It occurred some other time but that’s a whole 'nother story.

Anyway, now I think I’m hearing a different inner voice that isn’t actually heard. (If that makes sense). I would guess it would be called Adonai. I tend to think that this voice doesn’t actually speak but it sends thoughts that are interpreted through words like: “True righteousness condemns no one.”

Ultimately, it only transmits Love and receivers of it speak through words/thoughts/writing. I also think it’s a something by which all are connected to so all are capable of hearing it.

That’s best I can describe it.

I heard the voices of my family mainly. I thought that someone else could be inside my body, so I could experience time travel.

Most of the time it is inserted thoughts.

By that I mean I could physical feel a sensation of pressure against my head which then eased before the thought got to my brain and ultimately my consciousness. Literally felt a thought coming in from outside.

Another time a police van pulled up next to me and I could feel a sensation on my forehead as if thoughts were trying to be extracted. Very peculiar.

Both for me. I experience thought insertion/thought osmosis as well as hallucinations.

I hear voices that are right behind my right ear.

In an episode I have both. When I’m struggling with insight, to me it is really a case of 1+1=3, meaning that is the dynamic between these symptoms that is tough to deal with. I get intrusive thoughts, my voices hold me accountable for them, I start to worry or defend myself, and so it begins.

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In my head voices but they say they operate through a certain frequency in my head to get to me. They would make a buzzing feeling on my head to confirm the location.

One time ‘god’ went SHHHHHHH! from inside my head or outside I can’t remember. I felt a big woooooosh in my ear as I was being told to be quiet as I was giving away secrets or something.
I was being shushed

What a bunch of horse ■■■■. Good riddance brain. Good riddance

Yeah your psychosis is a lot like mine…

Over time I’ve experienced all three kinds of voices that I know of. External/Internal Audio and Thought Forms… Primarily I just deal with the second two…

At one point I heard lyrics to a hole song which had no lyrics at all upon later listening…

The mind seeks the path of least resistance at times… whatever gives it that next thought… only drawn out over time the path of impulse thoughts/hallucinations is a very jagged road… when the mind started to see that in my case things became a lot more smooth…

Paying attention to the SZ just prompts one to speak… I mean regarding the telepathy delusion around people… and by speaking I mean thinking… That is still the grounds for a lot of impulsive thinking on my part.

The voices are the manifestation of perspectives I feared… and when they manifested as semi-permanents I was unable to escape these perspectives for a long time… Eventually though… you realize that memories don’t completely die… you can switch your beliefs in two seconds and think however you want to think… so in the mean time being on “good behavior” in the eyes of the voices buys silence,

that’s kind of how my psychosis works anyways.

I have thought like voices… Like thoughts from other people.