What is an internal voice?

I hear voices inside my head. They’re not like audible as if someone is talking to my ear, but they are in my head, internally. Is this is an internal voice?


That’s what my voices were like, internal, I heard them inside my head. I would talk with them too, inside my head (not out loud with my mouth)

But they’re not loud correct? There’s no audible tone to them? I was researching internal voices and am now not sure if this is what I experience. My voices are inside my head but are quiet (there is no audible tone to them). Is this still an internal voice or something else? It feels sort of like an inserted thought but when I look that up the definition doesn’t fit either. It’s just my whole stream of consciousness is taken over by these quiet “voices” that are in my head, I guess they sound like thoughts. But the thoughts are not my own. That is why now I wonder whether I ever experienced voices.

Correct, I never heard voices with my ears. They were always internal inside my head.

The voices I heard were not my thoughts, but I could think what I wanted to say to them and have conversations with them in my head.

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Okay got it, thanks. One night ago, I started hearing them again for almost the whole night. Then it went away. It was like a seance. I felt paralyzed, and was commanded under threat to ask if my dad was ok because they kept implying that I was a bad person for not caring. Even though I did care I sent texts to him during the day and talked to him. Things also smelled different like my whole my body.

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I get the same thing. Especially when I get paranoid. I try saying to myself, “Eddie your okay” then another voice I dont hear say “no you aren’t”. It makes me panic even worse. I hate it

I get the same too and also wondered the same thing

When I get “crowd noises” it sounds like it’s outside, same with “the music”. “Suggestions” are internal.
Hallucinations are more real than reality.

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They feel more real than reality you mean?

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Exactly. The last bad one I was with a friend and I said “what IS that?” Luckily they know my situation and weren’t too weirded out. I mean it was maybe less than a foot from my knee. Those ones really shake me up.

When I was growing up, I was told that there was this little voice that tells you things call a conscience.
I was all like “Oh! I have one of those! But what are they there for?”
Reply: They tell you right from wrong and get you to do the right things.
Me: Oh, nevermind… I don’t have that.

That… is a lot sadder than I remember… :slightly_frowning_face:

I also have internal voices.
Externally i hallucinate sounds

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Sometimes I here internal sounds too. Like gunshots or people yelling or myself yelling. Sometimes it’s so loud I wondered if I had actually yelled out loud myself.
I wonder if that’s part of ocd tho.

Internal voices feel like they have a mind of there own

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I tend to have people around me a lot for just this reason. If you see me in real life I look around a lot.

When I’m doing this, I’m either tracking noises, visions or checking faces and people. Having a number of people around tells me more about what I should pay attention to. Like, if I hear a gunshot or something, I look at other people to see if they are reacting. If not, I don’t worry about it. Well, I try not to.


I get both internal and external voices. Theyre usually internal but occasionally i hear a voice with my ears, but only when other sounds are also happening. I also hear police sirens in my bathroom fan when im not taking medicine.

I do this too. When im psychotic i tend to walk around really fast, looking straight at the ground, glancing around me at everything that i hear and see. Lately the medicine has been letting me take pleasant and relaxing walks again, for the first time in ages.

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