What are your triggers?

I know what some of my triggers are but not others. I wish I knew what all my triggers are. So what are some of you guys triggers?


I don’t have any triggers. My mental state is always good usually. I didn’t even know of the word “triggers” before I saw this forum.

People asking me about my triggers usually trigger my suspicion. Yeah, I heard the word triggers a while back first, but hadn’t until recently become reacquainted with it. It’s been in mental health circles a while as a way of referring to things that ‘set you off’. Or cause a stress event that leads to psychosis or whatever.


Stressful situations like being around large groups and being out at night triggers me. There are other things that trigger me but those two are the major ones.

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Heavy weights. Or over working out…

I dont know why though…Music op though.

My main trigger is lack of sleep. If I go 2 or 3 days with no sleep then it’s time to go back to the psych ward. Also if people follow me. Last melt down I thought people and cars were following me.

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When something doesn’t work it blows my mind.

Stress and when me and my girlfriend argue. Like right now. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Mine are body movements of people…

They get me everytime

People staring at me. I usually become violent.

Country music

Loud noises and bright lights

Crowds of people generally, especially if people are pushing and bumping into me. Nightclubs are hell.

If somebody comes over unannounced. Usually I end up crying in front of them and it’s awkward. I get crazy anxiety, and try cleaning but fail to due so, then have a freak out.

Loud people. Ignorant loud people that cut me off.

Religious discussions.

Apocalypse theories. Police brutality. Existential dread.

I think that’s it.

Edit: I’m now including long silences because that’s something that really triggers me, like zombiepupper said.


Bright lights, silence for too long, and stress, mostly.

Drugs and alcohol I guess

Stressful events triggered me.

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Watching the news
watching action movies with violence
argument with hubby
in a situation where I am exposed to my phobias (e.g. during a thunderstorm)

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Drinking is so bad with meds it really makes me depressed when i binge drink. But im not an alcoholic

Change, memories, reading the newspaper, being around people who are trying to get to know me, crowds, teenagers, lack of sleep, bad things happening to people I love, feeling like I have been shut up or not heard and feeling angry.


A song called “She came home for christmas”, I don’t really have a lot of triggers, but last time I heard that song (11~ years ago) I became a teary sobbing mess. I can think about it and hum it, but the mere thought of purposedly listening to it makes me nervous.

I hear you on the stressful situations. Stress seems to be a big trigger for me. Unfortunately I have been under a lot of stress lately.

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In all seriousness, certain noises really tick me off. I know it’s not reasonable but I can’t help being set off by coughing, sneezing, and just ambient people noise and street noise.

Also something new that’s come up lately is people on their phones and glancing at me. It’s bothersome, what’s so important that people always have to have their nose in a phone while walking around. It’s like they are just hanging out and have no purpose. IDK if I’m at a place it’s for a good reason and not to be distracted by computer/phone time.

Calls from unknown phone numbers, violent TV programmes, hearing words associated with law enforcement. I live in a very closed off world to protect myself.

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